we head north

We're going glamping! Allan, Diego, and I are hitting the road.

Driving this:

Going here:

Killarney Provincial Park

Lake Superior Provincial Park

Sleeping Giant Provincial Park

Kakabeka Falls Provincial Park

Pancake Bay Provincial Park

Grundy Lake Provincial Park

Plus quick visits to Sudbury, Sault Ste. Marie, and Thunder Bay.

Doing this:

Hike, grill, explore. Watch dogs play on beaches. Read. Keep an eye on the Red Sox. Find used bookstores. Maybe hear some music. Take photographs. Be in woods. Feel nature do its magic.

I love road trips and am in vacation mode the moment we get in the vehicle.

See you in two weeks!


M@ said...

Can't wait to hear about it!

(Btw we have found a hidden dim sum gem in Mississauga - gotta go there when you get back!)

laura k said...

Yes please!!

M@ said...

True story: we went there today and as we were leaving S and I both turned to each other to say "we have to tell Laura and Allan about this!"

laura k said...

Ha, I love it!

John F said...

Don't come back without a pictures of yourselves posing in front to the Wawa goose!