in which i discover jordan's cereal and need to tell everyone about it

We used to eat President's Choice Blue Menu granola. The vanilla-almond flavour was crunchy, delicious, and reasonably healthy. My favourite way to eat it was with plain Greek yogurt and fruit, but it was very good with milk or rice milk as well. Then... it changed. It was no longer crunchy. It was no longer tasty. With a little liquid added, it tasted like soggy cardboard, or what I imagine soggy cardboard would taste like if it were a breakfast cereal. Thanks a lot, Loblaws.

Allan, who does our food shopping, went on the hunt for a cereal that would satisfy all the requirements: whole grain, crunchy, tasty, not overly sweet, and reasonably healthy. Plus I prefer clusters to flakes. It would also be good if the cereal didn't cost $10.00 a box.

This is how I discovered Jordan's Morning Crisp granola, and it has made me very happy.

Morning Crisp is crunchy.

Morning Crisp is delicious.

Morning Crisp comes in a variety of yummy flavours: Wild About Berries, Simply Strawberry, Maple Pecan, Bursting with Nuts, Dark Chocolate (!), and Honey Nut.

Morning Crisp is made from all natural ingredients, with no artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives, and it contains lots of whole grains. Look:

The only thing not great is palm oil. But look at this.

President's Choice Blue Menu
"Protein" Whole Grain Cereal, 58 grams
Jordan's Morning Crisp Granola
55 grams

For those of us who regulate our sodium intake, this is amazing. Jordan's contains more sugars, but my overall sugar consumption in a day is very low. Sodium is a greater concern for me -- and it's a massive difference.

Jordan's is a British company. The Jordan's Canada website is not functioning, but their Facebook page is here, and you can follow them on Twitter. I will tweet them this post.


Stephanie said...

LOVE Jordan's!

karen said...

Man! Why do they have to mess with things? Why do things need to be new and improved? I have been saying for years, in my best crabby old lady voice (even before I was truly an old lady), "All I want is things to be old and the same!"

While I absolutely love the recommendation, I can't try Jordan's. I am not really a granola eater to start with, but in the interest of rain forests, I have given up palm oil wherever I can actually identify it.

laura k said...

Man! Why do they have to mess with things? Why do things need to be new and improved?

I know! Was anyone clamouring for that granola to be soft and bland? Seriously?

I admire your rainforest-friendly choice, which is also a heart-healthy choice. I haven't been able to do that. Almost all the oil I consume is either olive or canola... but not entirely. Those "or" choices on food labels (which allow producers to change oils without changing labeling) are tough.

allan said...

Why are those pictures not quite lining up? Maybe I did not make the photos the same size?

laura k said...

Images not lining up because my html skills are deficient. It's in a table, but I don't know how to manipulate the table very well.