alds begins today

This Red Sox team has been driving me crazy, seesawing between amazing and horrendous. I don't have a lot of optimism right now, especially after our dismal showing against Houston ... the team we meet in the first round of playoffs.

Dear Red Sox,

Please be amazing.

Love always,

A fan with no expectations


John F said...

Condolences from this Blue Jays fan. Now we are both free to cheer for a Cubs repeat!

laura k said...

Yeah, it was brutal. I'm glad we at least showed a flash of life.

I have no special love for the Cubs. I want a Dodgers-Astros WS and while we're at it, I'd like a Dodger win.

John F said...

I have no reason to be attached to the Cubs. But Wrigley Field is a jewel of a ballpark, and I feel like the Cubs deserve some more winning to make up for their 108-year drought.

I also liked Ferris Bueller. Maybe that's why?

laura k said...

That's a good enough reason!

I recently learned that Cubs owners -- and apparently their manager, too! -- are Trump-era Republicans.

But I do have a real soft spot for the Dodgers. I love their ballpark and their inclusivity, plus I share their Brooklyn roots.

John F said...

I didn't know about the Cubs-Trump connection. That definitely taints my nascent fandom.

laura k said...

Oh yeah, I know! I didn't want to make too big a deal about it, because if we dug around in any team's roots, who knows what we'd find. The Red Sox were the LAST team to hire an African American player, and then only grudgingly. They could have had Willy Mays, but passed because of racism! Not a history to be proud of -- but then, it is history, not the present.

I was shocked to learn that Joe Maddon is a Trump supporter! He's a smart man, and a progressive manager -- so how could that be!!