help me find a new series to binge-watch

I need a new series to binge-watch.

1. Must have a ton of episodes
2. Must have good characters and relationships
3. Nothing too scary
4. Nothing sweet or heartwarming
5. No zombies
6. Best if the series has already ended
7. Best if in English (when I'm exhausted, reading subtitles is not relaxing)

Have tried (more than once) but did not enjoy or gave up on:
- Star Trek: Voyager (I really wanted to like this!)
- Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
- Breaking Bad
- The Borgias
- Battlestar Galactica

Not interested:
- Game of Thrones
- Orange is the New Black

Have watched and loved:
- The Wire
- Justified
- The Good Wife
- Suits
- Boardwalk Empire (stopped after S4)
- The Fall
- Longmire
- Broadchurch (S1 only)
- Bones (just finished... so sad that it's over)
- Star Trek: The Next Generation
- Star Trek: The Original Series
- Xena: Warrior Princess (more than once!)
- Buffy the Vampire Slayer
- Angel
- Farscape
- Veronica Mars
- Inspector Lewis / Lewis
- Inspector Morse
- Endeavour
- Wallander
- The Hour
- Murdoch Mysteries
- Prime Suspect (more like this please!)
- Monk
- Firefly
- Columbo
- Shameless UK (was in the middle of this when Netflix pulled the later seasons) (would like to start the whole series over) (not going to see the US version until I've finished this one)
- Bojack Horseman (waiting for the end of baseball season to devour S4)
- Detectorists
- Series Noire
- Master of None
- Sherlock (still have not seen S4, but will)

Have watched some of and liked, but not loved enough to continue:
- Marcella
- Scott & Bailey
- Luther
- Rectify
- Dicte
- The Killing
- Happy Valley
- The Bletchley Circle

For this post, I combined two separate categories of real life -- shows that Allan and I watch together, in between baseball seasons, and shows that I binge-watch on my own, in downtime when he's not home. The distinction is too difficult, or perhaps impossible, to explain.



Amy said...

There are only two shows on your loved list that I have watched or have any interest in (Good Wife and Master of None), and I mostly like heartwarming, so I have no suggestions!

laura k said...

Yup, I know that! :)

M@ said...

Man Seeking Woman. It's led by a young Canadian actor named Jay Baruchel. I can see how others could hate him, but I enjoy almost everything he does. (30 episodes so far, but I'm not sure if they're making more.)

Dark Matter. Kind of like a Firefly Lite - nowhere near as excellent but still enjoyable. (3 seasons of ~13 episodes - and just cancelled.)

Letterkenny. Okay, this one is a long shot. It's small town Ontario in every way. I can't describe how much I love this show, but I also know that some people do not find it funny or interesting at all. (3 seasons of 6 episodes so far.)

If I think of any more, I'll let you know.

Northern PoV said...

Intelligence (warning: only two seasons and it leaves you hanging)
Six Feet Under (6 seasons)

laura k said...

Jay Baruchel is the man of the moment in Mississauga. He is the special guest at this year's MCX, the library's comic expo.

I would try all of these, because you have turned us on to great stuff, most importantly Justified.

Dark Matter and Letterkenny both sounds really good -- but I have to wait til there are more seasons. I cannot get caught up and have to wait. :)

Is Dark Matter related to the movie The Dark Matter of Love? Probably not, eh.

laura k said...

Suggestions from Facebook that I might try: (yep, I posted this on Facebook)
Friday Night Lights - never wanted to before, but now maybe I will
Peaky Blinders
Borgen, except for subtitles

M@ said...

Dark Matter might be done - not sure yet though. It was officially cancelled but some think it will be brought back. Definitely not related to anything that I know of.

I'm not sure whether Man Seeking Woman is coming back or not. But if you liked Master of None and like Jay Baruchel, then you might enjoy it.

Still giving this some thought though!

Kyahgirl said...

Hey, I have liked several of the ones on your list so will suggest a couple:
- The Mentalist (I don't know,if this is on Netflix but we bought all the seasons on DVD before we had a decent internet streaming option, it's good)

- The Office. Quirky but Hilarious,

With respect to Longmire, I heard they are putting together another season, starting this fall. I would also recommend the books by Craig Johnson. They are even better than the show and develop the characters more deeply.

laura k said...

Jessica Jones
Luke Cage

laura k said...

Hi Kyahgirl!

I did like The Office (US) but this is not for comedy. I've watched Community, Parks & Rec, How I Met Your Mother, and others. Fun but not what I'm after here.

Longmire books, eh? I hadn't thought of that. I'll check them out, thank you!

laura k said...

As for the Office UK, there are few shows I have ever disliked more. I will never again, for any reason, watch anything with Ricky Gervais.

laura k said...

Mentalist also looks good.

HillbillyInBC said...

The Leftovers ticks every box on your checklist except the first. It ended after three seasons and 28 episodes, but those three seasons were (in chronological order) really good but a bit of a slog, great, and stupefyingly awesome. I binge-watched the whole series over a couple of weekends back in the spring and loved it.

paul said...

Intelligence, suggested above, is brilliant and leaves you scratching your head at why the CBC cancelled it after two seasons.

Bloodlines, on Netflix, is also great - superb cast, strong writing.

laura k said...

The Leftovers! I've never heard of it. 28 eps is a good amount. Not as good as 150, but I can work with it. :) I just don't want 6 or 12 eps.

I'll see if I can get my hands on it. Thank you, HIBC!

UU4077 said...

Fringe (2008-2013); Stargate SG-1 (10 seasons + 2 movies)

laura k said...

These are new suggestions! Fringe, Intelligence, Bloodlines.

Stargate SG-1... hmmm. I'll put it on the to-try list.

allan said...

As for the Office UK, there are few shows I have ever disliked more. I will never again, for any reason, watch anything with Ricky Gervais.

Finally got around to seeing all (only 12!) of the episodes of the UK series. It was brilliant, but Gervais was so pathetic/repellent by the end, I had to question the plausibility of his continued employment.

We saw the first episode of The X Files last night before the game. I don't think Laura will stay with it, but I might.

We liked for Scott & Bailey (though we have not finished it) and I liked both seasons of Happy Valley, so I wonder if we might like Last Tango in Halifax, which was created by the same woman. Only 20 episodes.

laura k said...

I'll give the X Files more than one ep. One episode isn't a good judge, unless you hate it, I think. Two shows I loved -- The Good Wife and Bones -- both took a while to develop.

laura k said...

I just remembered and added a few titles to the tried but didn't stay with category.

Amy said...

Warning. I liked Bloodline! Actually the first season is very good. The ones that follow not as much. IMHO. It is definitely not heart warming. :)

laura k said...

Warning because if you like it, I probably won't? :)

Amy said...

Yep. :). Buts it's dark enough that you will probably like it.

UU4077 said...

Murdoch Mysteries - 2008 and still going strong; and Canadian

laura k said...

I am always up to date on Murdoch Mysteries, just renewed for its 11th season. And I hosted Maureen Jennings in our library earlier this year!

However, I absolutely do not care if anything I watch or read is Canadian. I do it at the library because I have to, but for my personal reading and watching, I don't share that obsession.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

I'll choose Sons of Anarchy for you. Couple of episodes in you will be wondering why you passed it up at first asking.

laura k said...

I'm putting it on the list! Thanks Mr. BNH!

johngoldfine said...

'The Americans'--oh my, oh my....

But let's check:

1. Must have a ton of episodes--five seasons, one more to go, maybe 60 episodes, so check
2. Must have good characters and relationships--the complaint (stupid complaint) about the show is it's too much about relationships, too light on violence, so check
3. Nothing too scary--we get into a gray area; there's enough violence that I've warned Jean off it, even though it's one of the best shows I've ever seen; but there's no dog fighting and no one wearing MFY regalia, so semi-check
4. Nothing sweet or heartwarming--oh, fuck, no, so double-check
5. No zombies--there are characters with dead eyes, but, otherwise, alive and well, so check
6. Best if the series has already ended--last season starts early next year, so no check
7. Best if in English (when I'm exhausted, reading subtitles is not relaxing)--some Russian subtitles, but mostly English, so semi-check

You left out superb acting and superior writing. 'The Americans' leads the pack.

laura k said...

Thanks John!!

I guess #1 is negotiable. If a great series has only 18 eps, I might still watch it. It just won't be as satisfying.

Scary as in horror-type scary. Suspense, great.

Great acting and writing are givens. The sine qua non of all viewing!

but there's no dog fighting and no one wearing MFY regalia, so semi-check

Good thing you remembered that! :)

Sounds awesome. It's on the list.

johngoldfine said...

And then, Jean reminds me, there's ER--15 years, hundreds of episodes, character galore, very good (and some very not-so-good acting to hoot at), addictive. Some tear-jerking, but nothing untoward.

Dharma Seeker said...

I love Sons of Anarchy, just a heads up that it is easily the most brutally violent show I've ever seen. The violence isn't stylized the way it is on on shows like Spartacus or Tarantino movies. It's very realistic, very brtual and at times very jarring. After each hiatus it took me some time to re-adapt.

laura k said...

D/S: Thanks for the heads-up. I'm good with that -- I think. We'll see how it compares to The Wire or Justified for violence.

John: I loved ER when it was on. I think I watched 10 of the 15 years. But it's not really a series. It had some story arcs, and characters and relationships would change, but basically every show was its own entity. More like Law & Order (which I used to love) than The Good Wife. But thank Jean for me. I was definitely a fan.

M@ said...

Oh, just thought of another one. I don't think it was on your list. Have you seen Rome? Definitely a worthwhile series.

laura k said...

Haven't seen it or heard of it. We'll check it out. Thanks!

Dorothy said...

I saw first few episodes of The Good Fight (just Diane Lockhart & Lucca are in it--but all male characters are). Cush Jumbo was Kate in all-female Taming of the Shrew in the Park last summer. I liked Persons of Interest (a tad weird) & even Lie to Me. Ditto Criminal Minds, but a couple of episodes at a time is fine & I have lots left. I noted several from your list to check out because I'm sure they are good if you like them. Sometimes one just gets desperate in the I Wanna Escape mood. I can get all the Channel 13 series, specials, Frontline, etc. by contributing $4.95 a month. (I have to because we don't have cable and can't get 13 with just antenna.) LOVE Michelle Dockery in her new series Good Behavior--a far cry from Lady Mary! Can't wait till new season. (Agree: much better if whole series is OVER and available; waiting sucks.) Hard in summer in NS--we spend whole summer there since I retired. Keep getting msj "Not available in your Geographic Area!!" Even ones I pay small monthly fee for like Acorn. Grrr. Hi to Alan. Dorothy

bangalorean said...

If light hearted murder mysteries are your thing, you will like "Death in Paradise".

laura k said...

Thanks Dorothy!

laura k said...

Bangalore, you lost me at lighthearted, but thanks just the same. :-)

impudent strumpet said...

Off topic so feel free to ignore, but I'm super curious why Voyager and DS9 didn't work for you when TNG did.

When they all first came out in the 90s, I enjoyed TNG, but couldn't watch Voyager and DS9 because they were darker than TNG. (I was able to watch and enjoy Voyager as an adult - haven't tried DS9)

But I've noticed that you have far more tolerance for darkness in your TV than I do, so I'm nearly certain that isn't your reason.

laura k said...

No more off topic than anything else on this thread! :)

I enjoyed TNG mostly because of Patrick Stewart. I loved his acting and his character. The show was (for me) a good balance of people/relationships and science/discovery.

Voyager felt like what I call nuts-and-bolts sci fi. "I've calibrated the trichronium into the malometer, but the warp velocity can't pierce the biogrammatical field without compromising the anti-matter raptocierator." Every sentence sounded like that. I found that really tedious. Also, the actors were in danger of being cut down by lumberjacks. Just so wooden.

DS9 I just found really boring. Ponderous. I never learned if either of these shows was particularly dark.

(Yes, not just tolerance -- preference.)