awful library books and why we remove them from our shelves

A while back, I blogged about weeding, every library's not-so-dirty little not-so-secret. Daniel Gross, writing in The New Yorker, looks at weeding, too - from a library-users' revolt in Berkeley, California to the hilarious Awful Library Books blog: Weeding the Worst Library Books. It's a sweet story about a necessary evil that is really a very positive - although painful - practice.

What I want to know is how did the Berkeley public know about the weeding? Why was it even announced? I can guarantee the Mississauga public doesn't know about ours.

In any case, it's a really nice piece: Weeding the Worst Library Books by Daniel Gross.


Unknown said...

How do I get Port Colborne library to do this? They need a massive overhaul, to the point that it is my least favorite place in the region.

laura k said...

That's so sad.

When your boys are older and you can think about such things, you might want to consider getting a Library Tech degree. It's a college degree - 2 years - and you would be qualified to work as a library programmer and other library jobs. Librarian jobs - university plus master's degree - are disappearing, but Library Tech jobs are increasing. Seneca College and Mohawk College both offer it.

I've thought of this many times for you, because you're great with crafts (huge plus), full of creative ideas, love books and value reading with/to your kids, and are a "lifelong learner", which is a big thing in libraryland.