39% is not a majority: fair voting now

Will you sign a declaration to make Canada more democratic?

Declaration of Voters' Rights

And some myth-busting about proportional representation:

A ranked ballot is not a voting system.

How will anything get done?

Is proportional representation constitutional?

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James A. Latimer said...

If we have more than two parties and they all have somewhat acceptable policies we will hardly ever have majority governments under any system. If you look at the country most touted as a prop rep country there are so many parties and 2% of the vote can earn a seat. None of the parties can ever get their ideas implemented. The NDP wants prop rep because they hope the leading party will have to count on their support to stay in office.

Look at Alberta and Manitoba to see what Canadians think of NDP's socialist policies.

However, we may now be in one of those exceptional situations. Justin Trudeau and the Liberals are so high above the other parties in the polls that they could likely win a majority.

What's likely to happen here is that the existing parties will fracture into much smaller parties. None of them will get more than 50% of the vote. And, some of those who get seats will be appointed.


Ron Waller said...

Yes Canada should become a real democracy: i.e. where a majority of voters is represented in government. Giving absolute corrupt power to a 40% minority party is the literal opposite of democracy.

Of 181 nations claiming to be democracies, 74% of them have implemented some kind of electoral reform. Canada's corrupt establishment news media, however, keeps Canadians in the dark and feeds them horseshit on electoral reform.

Fair Vote Canada is also guilty of playing politics with the issue. Ranked ballot voting would be an enormous improvement over what we have now. It would end the need for strategic voting (which actually gives the Liberal party a big advantage because they always end up winning fake majorities because of it.)

People could safely vote for policy instead of voting Neo-Liberal to stop the odious Neo-Con leader. Obviously, last election we would've ended up with a lot more NDP members given many people would've voted -- #1 NDP, #2 Liberal -- preferring the NDP on daycare, pharmacare, reversing corporate tax cuts and opposing TPP free trade.

The NDP and Green parties want full PR. But considering both lost support in the election, they are not in a position to demand it from an electoral reform committee that will be largely hostile to PR.

If we are lucky enough to get ranked ballots of out this, that will provide the voting environment where the NDP can form the government and upgrade to a PR system. They will never do that under FPTP. If Trudeau's ER initiative fails, we will be stuck with FPTP forever. (Something PR supporters need to think long and hard about now before it's too late and they spend the rest of their days regretting it.)

johngoldfine said...

I imagine my countrymen and women are too lazy and stupid to understand anything other than first-past-the-post--because I am. I'm not especially lazy or stupid, Maine is interested in some other system, and we have a troglodyte governor twice elected by a minority of voters--but when I read that Mythbusters, I do suddenly get lazy and stupid; I just zone right out.

Maybe my problem is that this material seems geared for parliamentary democracies, which the US of A is not.

laura k said...

Most of these systems are designed for parliamentary democracies. In the US, all that is needed for fair voting is:
- Get rid of the electoral college
- Have a nonpartisan elections agency overseeing all elections
- Get rid of all electronic and mechanical forms of voting, use paper ballots and pencils only
- Get rid of all voter registration and voting laws that discourage and/or suppress voting

- Ban paid advertising for all election campaigns
- Limit all campaigns to 8 weeks
- Ban corporate campaign funding

That would be a start.

johngoldfine said...

I like your plan, but of course it is thoroughly un-American.