best of wmtc, 2015 edition

I barely wrote at all last year, but my editor and partner managed to find a few (possibly) worthy of a best-of post. Thus, this page has been udpated.

I miss blogging.

I love my job and I love leading our union. I love having a steady paycheque, too! But I miss my old life. #CantHaveEverything #StopWhining #YesIKnowItsAFirstWorldProblem


johngoldfine said...

NO pressure now, but we miss your blogging too, not that cutting back is the same as stopping.

laura k said...

Aw thanks, John - and for the no pressure, too. :)

Maybe after we ratify - and whatever else it takes to get there - I'll write more. I keep reminding myself, it's not always this busy.