in which i continue to hate christmas even though i can't be bothered right now

Right now I'm so busy, between work and union, that I barely have time to hate Christmas.

As I've found in recent years, a combination of circumstances - getting out of the office worker environment, streaming-only TV and movies (ad-free!), discovering the authentic meaning many of my colleagues find in the holiday - has taken the edge off my irritation.

I still hate that Christmas is a national holiday in countries that supposedly separate Church and State. As our world becomes increasingly multicultural, the Christmas and Easter holidays make less sense all the time.

I still hate the hyper-consumerism. The music. The assumptions about our choices. The ads. The crowds. The Santas. Now that I think about it... I still hate all of it. I just think about it a lot less.

Our library, both customers and staff, is incredibly multicultural and inclusive. Yet, out come the Christmas decorations, the cards, the chocolates, the shopping lists, the Christmas storytimes. I find it incredibly inappropriate for a public library. Yet it is ubiquitous.

Also at the library, I've met several colleagues who openly identify themselves as atheists, something I've never encountered in any other work environment. I really like and respect their openness, their assertion of their minority beliefs into the mainstream.

Yesterday one of those atheist colleagues wished me a "happy two days off". Now that's something I don't hate!

[Also: we've had some excellent discussions about this on this blog. The Ghost of Wmtc Past invites you to read posts and comments herehere and especially here.]


impudent strumpet said...

Relevant musical number.

This year I've been finding it frustrating that so much of what's on TV this time of year is about xmas. The TV shows have xmas episodes, the channels show xmas movies, airing of new episodes is suspended until the new year. Same goes for other media to various extents as well. Newspapers have xmas-themed stories, there are xmas movies in cinemas, even on fan fiction sites some authors are taking a break from their usual works in progress to write little xmas-themed dittes.

I find it frustrating because it's just not an important thing in my life and I was sick of it months ago with all the music in stores etc., but it must make things horrible for people who actively find xmas emotionally difficult! It's even invading their attempts to escape into fiction!

laura k said...

Yes!!! I had forgotten about that particular frustration! I used to HATE it. It was definitely part of what made Christmas so alienating.

Thanks for the music. Now someone has to post South Park and Denis Leary.

johngoldfine said...

I enjoyed re-reading my thoroughly hateful comments about Christmas--and yours too! Thanks for the trip down memory lane.


P.S.: I haven't mellowed.

laura k said...

You're welcome! I enjoyed it, too.

And your comment made me realize that two of those links ("here, here, and here") point to the same page. Will fix now.