a gray rug, a black kong, a happy white dog

We need to get rugs or carpet runners for Tala; she's slipping on the wood floors when she and Diego play. But with one heavy shedder and one heavy drooler, we're not too keen on buying nice rugs. While looking for something else at Ikea, we found a rug they were promoting: $17! They're not bad looking, either.

I put the rug down, Tala immediately ran down the hall, retrieved her squishy bone toy from my office, ran back, and settled in for a chew. She saw that rug and she knew exactly what she wanted.

For $17 each, we can cover a good portion of the floor with these babies, and make Tala very happy.


Stephanie said...

Lucky Tala!

impudent strumpet said...

Dog red-eye is green! Or at least Tala's is. #LeastImportantThing

laura k said...

From some reason, animal eyes always glow green. If you're driving on a dark country road, you might see deer or rabbits or coyotes, and when the headlights hit their eyes, you see two glowing green eyes. It can be spooky!