charles barsotti, 1933-2014

Two obituary posts in a row, and I didn't even mention Tony Gwynn. My favourite cartoonist, Charles Barsotti, has died from cancer at the age of 80.

My favourite Barsotti character is, of course, The Pup.

The Pup often saw his therapist.

And sometimes lawyers were involved.

But Barsotti had a political side, too. This cartoon has pride of place on my desk, next to Mankoff's "...assuming the FBI is making copies."

Here's another great political cartoon.

I'm so pleased that I emailed with Charles Barsotti some years back, after ordering some goodies from his website. If you love someone's work, please let her or him know. You might imagine that successful artists or writers know how much we enjoy their work, but in my experience, people are so pleased to hear from fans.

Charles Barsotti's obituary in the New York Times and Robert Mankoff, cartoon editor of The New Yorker, on Barsotti.


allan said...

Not to mention the one with the potato walking blissfully down the street. (I love the stubble!)

laura k said...

I keep that one on my dresser. I see it every morning! :)

johngoldfine said...

My favorite Barsotti is the Pup sitting earnestly at a table with a stack of paper handy and a pencil in hand. Caption is "Chapter One: Call me Scooter."

Our late Scooter is still a presence here every day.... Where other people put up a picture of Jesus or ML King or JFK or Nelson Mandela or the Pope or Stalin or whoever--there's our picture of Scoot above the dining room table, gazing imperiously out at the world.

laura k said...

Aww. Sweet.