thank you, pete seeger. how could we ever thank you enough?

Pete Seeger, 1919-2014
Musician, Activist, Environmentalist. Socialist.


Amy said...

My hero.

Did you see my post?

laura k said...

Your post? Facebook?

Amy said...


I did post the link on FB, but I guess you missed it.

It's my first off-topic post on my blog. :)

laura k said...

It all starts somewhere! Yours starts with the passing of Pete Seeger.

Thanks for the link. I'm afraid I don't see anything on FB now. I use it completely selfishly, posting when I want to but making no effort to keep up. For me it's an easy thing to cut out now that my time is more limited.

But if you're going to expand the Brotmanblog, I'll have to follow it!

Amy said...

Well, I make no promises or predictions! But there was no way I couldn't write something about Pete today. He's been on my mind since I woke up and read the news.

laura k said...

That's one reason (of many) it's great to have a blog. Whenever you have something to write, you have a place to write it and share it.