war resister kimberly rivera released from prison in u.s.

At long last, Iraq War resister Kim Rivera is out of prison and reunited with her family. This is great news, the best news. I should be thrilled, but the whole situation makes me so sad that I can't muster much joy.


John F said...

Is there any way she will be able to return to Canada? I assume Harpergov will block her if she tries to enter the country, but can that be challenged in court?

laura k said...

She wasn't technically deported, she left voluntarily before she was removed. So unlike some of the other jailed WRs, Kim wouldn't require a letter from a Minister to return.

But she would be ineligible for any kind of status to live in Canada. I harbour hope that if a future government makes a provision for WRs to be able to stay in Canada, we could somehow make it retroactive for certain people. It's a dream, but why not dream.

John F said...

Someday, Canada will become a refuge from Harperism.

laura k said...

Yes. Yes yes.

caulds said...

I wrote several letters to the US military on Kimberly's behalf. I like to think that had some effect on those men.

If you did the same, I want to thank you for it. It was a small thing; the very least we could do for her.

I cannot conceive of a circumstance that would make me act as callously, dispassionately, as those men who wanted only to make an example of a young mother. What, I wonder, are such men capable of ?