before the onion, before the yes men, there was the post new york post

One day, as I was getting off the subway on my way from Brooklyn to my workplace on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, people were handing out these tabloids. I never learned who made them, where they came from, or where they went. But I'm so glad I saved my copy all these years.

It's a whole newspaper - news, sports, weather, ads for fake movies, personal ads. Brilliant. In case you can't read the date, it was 1984.

And special bonus from one decade later, The National OJ.

I had to scan them in two parts, but they are each tabloid size.


Amy said...

And there was always Mad Magazine.

I can remember when the NYPost was a respectable paper...

laura k said...

Pre-Murdoch. I remember it, too. But that was long ago. I love that "find a fact" headline.

Jere said...

Nice. Superman III (1983) beat them to it re: spoofing the addictive "Wingo" game as "Jingo."

Funny article by the guy who used to have to interview Wingo winners for the Post. "Some of these people had never been photographed before, unless you count the full face and profile shots taken at police stations."

laura k said...

"Superman III (1983) beat them to it re: spoofing the addictive "Wingo" game as "Jingo." "

Good catch! I guess "Jingo" is a natural for a Murdoch rag.