brief open letter to richard dawkins: you have no right to speak for anyone but yourself

Dear Richard Dawkins,

If the sexual abuse you experienced as a child did not leave you with lasting scars, that's very fortunate for you. However, you have no right to speak for anyone but yourself. Your insensitive remarks may cause survivors of sexual abuse great pain and they may confirm perpetrators' rationalizations of their own abuse.

So do us all a favour and shut the fuck up.


A survivor in solidarity with all survivors everywhere


Kev said...

Well said

I would add that of course he has been affected, we are shaped by our experiences good and bad.

EssieAsh said...

Dear Survivor,

I would sign this open letter in agreement with you. Thank you for writing it.

johngoldfine said...

I don't think 'mild' can ever reasonably modify 'pedophilia.'

I'm sitting here trying to think of a word that could reasonably modify pedophilia. But it's a word like 'holocaust' or 'death camp' or 'Nazi' that really doesn't require either intensification or qualification. The word is completely self-explanatory.

It certainly can't bear the minimization of 'mild.'

laura k said...

Well said! Thank you, John (and Kev and Essie and all).

karen said...

So this is by no means as serious as Mr Dawkins' recent pronouncement, but I once had a foreman who was verbally abusive to the apprentices, and liked to engage in hazing type bullying. I called him on it and told him if he didn't knock it off I would get the union in. He protested that that was the way apprentices were treated back in "his day." He said, "that's how my foremen treated me and I turned out fine!" I just said, "actually, you turned out to be an asshole."

laura k said...

Great response! Kind of goes to what Kev said above.