when it rains, it pours, or, welcome to my roller coaster (updated)

Tala is not doing well.

You may recall, she has a chronic and degenerative spine condition. After a long rest and rehab process, she has been doing wonderfully - truly better than I ever expected. But this week she took a downturn. She was suddenly not able to sit. She can only stand or lie down. When she tries to sit, she is in obvious pain. She tries repeatedly, then gives up and lies down.

We are taking her to the vet tomorrow, but my heart is already breaking.

* * * *

This spring, everything was going our way. We had so much good news, I kept thinking of the phrase "an embarrassment of riches".

I finished my Master's degree.
Allan got a book contract.
I got my first librarian position.
We had a great trip to Spain, London, and Paris.

I'm still loving my new job, and Allan is working hard to meet the September 1 deadline for his manuscript.

Then: my broken foot.
The sewage flood.
We have to move, and everything that entails.
We're having successive conflicts with our landlord: first getting our security deposit back, and now over the renovations, which are a massive inconvenience to us (especially Allan), and are all about the landlord's ability to attract new tenants. (After the first flood in 2009, he didn't renovate for three months, and then only after we demanded a rent rebate.)
Then our car broke down, and needs $2500 worth of repairs.

But now any other problems fade away, because my little girl is in pain.

More news when I have it.

* * * *

Post-vet report. We live to fight another day. Tala is in a lot of pain. We are going to re-start the rest and rehab program, and re-up her meds - more pain killers, more rest, less activity - and continue to evaluate. She is in good spirits, playful and happy. It's not her time to go yet. And we ain't letting her go! But we've got to get that pain under control.

* * * *

Do you know what I realized? In my list of all the crap that's been going on in our lives lately, I didn't even include my broken foot! I updated again.


johngoldfine said...

Very sorry to hear about Tala.

deang said...

Ugh! I've seen dogs and cats unable to sit down because of hip pain and it is so painful to watch! I hope Tala gets better, and I hope things start going better for you two.

laura k said...

Thanks, guys.

impudent strumpet said...

Aww, poor Tala! Positive vibes to her!

M@ said...

Poor thing! Sending our love and best wishes, and as many hugs as she can stand. Fingers crossed for her and you guys.

laura k said...

Thank you, Imp Strump and M@. Lots of thanks.

EssieAsh said...

Tala-Bo. :(

Granny said...

I read your FB page before I came here. Glad the news was somewhat better than you were expecting and I'll hope for still better news as time goes on.

laura k said...

Granny, how nice to see you here, and thank you for reminding me to update this post!

I'll copy in what I wrote on Facebook:

We live to fight another day. We're going back to square one with Tala's rehab - lots of rest, upping her meds, hopefully going through weeks and months of rest and gradual increase in activity. She's in A LOT of pain right now. We'll see if we can bring that down and then evaluate. Thanks for all your love and good wishes.

impudent strumpet said...

I wonder if Tala got sad when you broke your foot because her human was in pain.

laura k said...

Dogs definitely react to their humans being in pain, some dogs more than others. But in my experience it's more your emotional state they react to.

I was mostly in good spirits with my broken foot. I don't think the dogs noticed one way or the other, except the noise of me clomping around. (Cody would have hated that! She would have avoided me.)

But if I'm sad or upset, then Tala will be mopey, she might be clingy, stay close to me. Some dogs try to cheer you up. So sweet.