"hide my ass" is far superior for vpn and wireless vpn

My adventures with VPNs, wireless VPNs, and other fun IP-address changes just keep getting better all the time. My new favourite addition is called HideMyAss - a stupid name, but a terrific service.

When I last updated you on our awesome wireless VPN + Roku experience, we were using two separate routers - one for wireless VPN, and one for everything else. This was necessary because MLB.TV - through which we watch baseball on our TV, via Roku - didn't get along with the wireless VPN router. The feed would continually stop for buffering, making it impossible to follow a game. To watch baseball, we would use our regular router, with our normal Canadian IP address. To watch US Netflix, we'd use the router with the non-Canadian IP address.

Flipping routers, as we call it, was no big deal. But recently, anytime I was using the wireless VPN router, my internet connection would slow to a crawl. Plus the selection of IP addresses offered by Acevpn was getting less and less reliable. And the only way to find out if a particular IP address woud work was to try it. That meant going into the router, manually changing the gateway IP address, waiting a few minutes, seeing if it worked. If it didn't, try another. And another.

Recently it dawned on me that perhaps the VPN service itself was the problem. The original instructions that I used to set up our wireless VPN mentioned HMA (and for all I know, it is stealth marketing for HMA), so I tried them.

They are great! Here's why.

1. HMA has hundreds of IP addresses all over the world. By contrast, Acevpn had a dozen or so in the US and a handful in the UK.

2. For the standard VPN connection, on your computer, you can download and install their software. It gives you a handy, user-friendly dashboard with a simple on/off button and a full choice of IP addresses. No fiddling with routers or code.

3. You can test the IP addresses before you choose one!

4. And, most importantly for users of Roku or other streaming devices, HMA's wireless VPN does not interfere with any other internet functions. We can watch MLB via Roku from a "different location" with no buffering issues.

This rocks.

Canadians, there is no reason to put up with the sub-standard content available on Netflix Canada, or to be blacked out of sports you want to see, and which you are already paying for.

We're not stealing. Netflix and MLB are still getting their monthly fees. We're just not letting Rogers dictate what we can and can't see.


HMA-VPN said...

I love this post and especially the ending "We're just not letting Rogers dictate what we can and can't see.". I hope Rogers or Bell is reading this. We are using hidemyass to watch netflix as well. the best part is we can use it on our routers and computers at the same time with no extra charge. We love it!

allan said...

There will be postseason baseball in our house in October!!!!! F U MLB!

laura k said...

Now all we need is the Red Sox (and the Rays) to cooperate!

Stephanie said...

Oh I think I need you to come over to help me set us up! Then we can celebrate while watching!!! :P NOT until after TNET!

laura k said...

Steph, if you want to do this with a direct connection - on your computer - it is SUPER easy. The tricky part is if you want to do it wirelessly. But even that is really just a matter of following instructions.

I would LOVE to help you set it up!! Can't wait to visit you guys again anyway.

Hurry up and submit that T-NET!

laura k said...

* The Never Ending Thesis

So it isn't a strictly inside joke.

NA Patriot said...

Family member just moved to the US from Canada and this may be the single biggest difference he encounters...the lack of BS involved in cable, cell phones, internet access etc. Canadians are getting SO ripped off yet most happily pay their outrageous bills every month.

laura k said...

Well, I wouldn't say "happily". Most feel very ripped off and complain about it a lot. But until/unless the government sides with people over profits, we have very little choice.

Also, having lived in the US from birth to 2005, I can tell you that services are not cheap, at least not in major cities. Rural people still have problems getting internet access. But yes, it's worse in Canada.

Of course, many Canadians think it's ALWAYS worse in Canada, no matter what the subject!

Stephanie said...

Yes, the thesis is definitely my priority and it is very very near! We will have to have a visit again soon so let's say tentatively that we will have a celebratory meet-up as soon as I have submitted!!

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

Thanks for the article Laura. VPN is good if you want to hide your real location. However, about content streaming, I prefer the DNS option. Currently, I am using UnoTelly and have no speed loss which allows me HD streaming with my 10mbps connection.

Willie Aames said...

I use hide my ass daily to connect to Poland and it works flawlessly every time. I have used other services that have been very unreliable and left me unable to connect on occasion. I would recommend this to anyone who requires a fast, reliable connection through their VPN service.