urgent: help defend ontario's endangered species!

The Government of Ontario is poised to gut the province's Endangered Species Act.

Right now, according to the David Suzuki Foundation, Ontario's Endangered Species Act is one of the strongest in Canada. Under the ESA, companies that intend to develop land or extract resources must apply for permits that leave the species better off than where it started.

Last month, the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources quietly proposed exempting most industries from meeting these requirements - and giving industries the power to regulate themselves.

Exempted activities could include logging, mining, quarries, hydroelectric dams, transmission lines, windmills, roads, infrastructure and municipal developments - and more.

Under this proposal, Ontario's Endangered Species Act would exist in name only.

Click here to speak up for Ontario's endangered species. Tell the Province that the proposed exemptions must be rejected!

This is urgent. The period to comment closes this Monday, January 21. Please sign and share widely.

More background:

Ontario’s mixed message on protecting endangered wildlife by Anne Bell, director of conservation and education for Ontario Nature.


karen said...

god. Its just never ending isn't it?

Signed and shared.

laura k said...

Yes. It is never ending. Civil society is under attack on every level - labour, environment, health, personal freedoms - everything. We have to keep fighting back, keep making those connections with others doing the same.

Stephanie said...

FYI (a different ministry but same govenment): did you know that the government is actively trying sell Service Ontario and if successful the LCBO will be next.

Essentially they are adopting all of Harper's moves.

These two 'departments/agencies' are the most profitable within the provincial government.

laura k said...

Thanks, Steph. Indeed I did.

I'm probably the only lefty you'll meet who believes the LCBO should be sold off. To me the provincially-run liquor stores are state capitalism. I don't like it.

Service Ontario, though, that's just wrong.