haliburton wolf killed, others trying to come home

This beautiful wolf, the alpha male of the pack at the Haliburton Wolf Centre, was shot and killed on New Year's Day. The previous night, some idiot cut both the inner and outer fences on the pack's enclosure. Four wolves escaped. Haida is now dead, and the other wolves, who were born in captivity and are unlikely to be able to survive the winter on their own, were missing.

An update from a local paper says that the other escapees have been spotted outside the fence, trying to get home. Wolf centre people are trying to lure them in with food.

Poor Haida. What a terrible waste, and so traumatic for the rest of the pack. My wolf-loving friend J, who sent me this story, says: "It's just a shame that whoever vandalized the compound didn't get munched by the wolves on their way out." Can't say I disagree.


Al Hunter said...

Incredibly sad. There are so many misguided and misinformed people with destructive agendas out there.

Amy said...

This hurts and angers me so much. I just don't understand human beings and their capacity for killing and hatred.

laura k said...

I know. Me too. Sometimes I feel like we're not all the same species.

laura k said...

Here is an udpate. (Amy, you are subscribed to this thread?)

Granite survived surgery and they expect her to recover.

Haida may not have been shot. It may have been one of his sons, who looks just like him.

It appears that the fence-cutting and the shooting were two separate acts by different people or groups.