now accepting suggestions for movie season

I hardly noticed the transition from Baseball Season to Movie Season this year. With the Red Sox having their worst season almost 50 years (1965), my tolerance for the nightly loss ran out some time in July.

By August it wasn't unusual for Allan to keep the game on his computer while we played Angry Birds. (We finished the whole game, then went back to the beginning to get three stars on every level. Gotta have those golden eggs.)

Plus, one of the really nice pieces of dumping cable in favour of streaming has been having Netflix all year. Zip was $30/month, and I didn't want to pay that on top of all our baseball-access expense, just for off-days and rain-outs. But at $8/month, Netflix all year is no problem.

So while the Red Sox were still playing, we...

- finished Sherlock - can't wait for Season 3!

- finished Justified - can't wait for Season 4!

- watched The Big C - really enjoyed Season 1 but it seems to be falling off in Season 2, although I'll try a couple more episodes

- tried Huff - has potential but is not great

- started Weeds from the beginning - we had seen bits and pieces here and there, hoping it pays to watch straight through

- watched all of Little Dorrit (just me, and I wish Netflix had many more Masterpiece Classic-type shows)

- devoured Season 1 of Downton Abbey, and are halfway through Season 2

We've only seen Season 1 of The Wire, so we might go back to that.

No matter how many people tell me I must watch Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones, I'm finding it hard to work up any enthusiasm for those. It might depend on how much other good stuff there is.

Some of the movies already on my list:
Into the Abyss (Werner Herzog)
Happy Go Lucky (Mike Leigh)
The Descendants
The Artist
The Hunger Games
Daydream Nation
A Beginner's Guide to Endings
The Whistleblower
Trigger (Bruce McDonald)
Shut Up Little Man
Route Irish, The Angels' Share (Ken Loach)

What have you seen and liked or loved this past year?


M@ said...

The only thing I can think to suggest at the moment is a British gangster film on Netflix called "Perrier's Bounty". A lot of the same people and dynamics as In Bruges, which I think you liked too. Worth a shot.

(Note: dogs are mistreated in Perrier's Bounty. It's not unjustified in the story (i.e. it's not kill-the-dog-to-make-sure-you-feel-sad stuff that happens so often) but I'm pretty sensitive to dog abuse in films so I figured I'd mention it.)

We recently saw Trigger and liked it, btw. Are you a Bruce MacDonald fan? I don't think I knew that... I remember you saw Pontypool a couple of years ago though.

We also enjoyed Veep, but I'm not sure if it's of interest to you.

teddymac said...

A few other series on Netflix Canada that I like are Better Off Ted, Damages, The X-Files, and The Larry Sanders Show.

laura k said...

Thanks for the recommends - and the warning. I am very sensitive to animal abuse in movies or books, and of course especially if it involves dogs.

I like whatever I've seen of Bruce McDonald's, but I always forget about him, I think because I discovered him late - through wmtc readers, actually. So it's one of those catch-up things, and he doesn't always stick in my memory.

So yes I am, but not like I'm a fan of Ken Loach or John Sayles or other filmmakers that I always look for.

Veep... sounds familiar. Will look for it.

laura k said...

Ah yes, a quick Google recalled Veep for me. I'd definitely try it.

Did you happen to ever catch an episode of Commander in Chief, Geena Davis as POTUS? I loved it. It only ran one season, and I'd love to see it again.

M@ said...

MacDonald's two best films, for me, are Hard Core Logo and Dance Me Outside. I can lend you the former if you like (and the latter, but I think I only have it on VHS, so...)

I can't even confess to being a huge fan of his (and a recent film of his, This Movie Is Broken, was frankly a shambles) but those two movies are superb.

laura k said...

Teddymac: The Larry Sanders show is my all-time favourite comedy series. We own the whole thing on DVD. :)

M@: yes, please! And I can still watch VHS. I'd like to see them both.

laura k said...

Dance Me Outside: W. P. Kinsella! OMG! I go way back with Kinsella. Must see.

M@ said...

Oh, Better Off Ted -- great call. And if you like that one, then Andy Richter Controls the Universe is a must-see too.

laura k said...

We used to love Andy Richter Controls. Haven't seen it in ages, but we really enjoyed it at the time.

I tried one ep of Better Off Ted and found it just meh... but first eps are often not great. That's such a problem with series.

I think you and I were once talking about Monk, which I really really like. I went back to the first season, because I wanted to see them all, and it's SO different - not nearly as good. In S2, the whole focus of the show changes later, and the nature of certain relationships change - an adversary becomes an ally - and it is SO much better. But if anyone watched one of the early eps, I can well understand disliking it. Just one example - it's so often the case.

James Redekop said...

I haven't seen many new films this year, so you may have seen thse, but probably the best film I've seen this year was In Bruges (2008). I describe it as "Waiting for Godot where Didi and Gogo are Irish gangsters".

Man on Wire (also 2008), about the man who tight-rope walked between the WTC towers, was good (with a lot of New York content, of course).

Never Let Me Go was a very good "not science-fictiony" science fiction film, but a big downer.

allan said...

I have seen trailers for:

Resurrect Dead
The Imposter
The End of Time

and they all look very interesting.

allan said...

We saw Man On Wire either last year or the year before. Excellent film.

laura k said...

Loved Man On Wire and very much enjoyed In Bruges. I haven't seen Never Let Me Go yet, but I'd like to. Downer is no obstacle to me. :)

richard said...

I saw Monsieur Lazhar last night. A very moving Canadian film about an Algerian refugee in Montreal who takes over a class of 5th graders following the suicide of their beloved teacher. Highly recommended.

laura k said...

Richard, thanks for that! That title is actually on my list, but I couldn't remember what it was, so didn't include it in this post. Thanks. :)

johngoldfine said...

Mostly tv:

* Oz

* In Treatment

* Nurse Jackie

* Louie

* Sabah

* Kolya

* Longford

* An Awfully Big Adventure

* The Office (UK)

* Ugly Betty

* Kidnapped (tv series)

* Brief Interviews with Hideous Men

* The Guardian

* MI-5

* Intelligence (Canadian!)

* Prison Break

* Lie to Me

laura k said...

Thanks, John.

Most of those TV shows are not my cup of tea - they were mostly on cable stations up here when I still had cable. Although I confess I haven't seen some of them, because I had no interest, so maybe I've misjudged.

The Office (UK) might be my most disliked show ever. I just cannot stand Ricky Gervais. Not in the way you're supposed to dislike his character. In the way that makes me run screaming from the room.

Kolya - saw and liked very much.

An Awfully Big Adventure - ditto.

Longford - ditto.

Sabah - on my list.

So we have different taste in TV but more similar taste in movies. :)

laura k said...

And of course Allan has to eventually see Brief Interviews, maybe some night while I'm at work.

johngoldfine said...

For me, Ricky Gervais is what Mae West once called a "fascinatin' monster."

Yes, I too want to run screaming from the room. The character is awful, and one strongly senses that the actor is not so nice either, but eventually I began to feel the genuine pity and terror that tragedy is supposed to elicit.

allan said...

Gervais's bit as Louis CK's doctor is hilarious. L would likely not agree.

Jere said...

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee


Moonrise Kingdom


re Veep: Elaine gets to curse!

laura k said...

Thanks, Jere! I forgot about Bridesmaids and Comedians in Cars. I just looked up Moonrise Kingdom and it sounds great.

Has anyone here seen Show Me Love? If you like teen love stories that take teenagers seriously, you will love this movie. A hidden gem.

laura k said...

Yes, I too want to run screaming from the room. The character is awful, and one strongly senses that the actor is not so nice either, but eventually I began to feel the genuine pity and terror that tragedy is supposed to elicit.

But you'd have to stay in the room, with the TV on, for that to happen. I am not that strong.

tornwordo said...

I love when you do these posts. I scribble everything down and then when I'm browsing netflix or projectfreetv, I look at it. I couldn't get into Better off Ted either. Nurse Jackie I loved. Bridesmaids made me laugh. The Hunger Games was better than the book (not hard to do). We used to love the Larry Sanders Show and now I've just learned because of this thread that it's on Netflix. There goes the next couple of weeks.

laura k said...

I love when you do these posts. I scribble everything down and then when I'm browsing netflix or projectfreetv, I look at it.


Re Hunger Games, I've heard the opposite. Interesting! I will do both and weigh in.

johngoldfine said...

I just remembered 'Arranged.' NYC setting, worlds collide. Good movie!

laura k said...

I saw it last year and I agree. :)

johngoldfine said...

I've just seen two movies starring Dreya Weber: The Gymnast & A Marine Story.

I'd certainly recommend the first--modest, simple, intelligent, well-acted, indie in spirit yet adequately polished in production, old-fashioned in a good way despite the lesbian love story. If you see it, don't miss the closing credits....

A Marine Story is considerably more violent in theme and action, but also showcases the very impressive Weber.

deang said...

The Pruitt-Igoe Myth

James Redekop said...

Did I recommend The Illusionist (the 2010 animated film based on a Jacques Tati script, not the 2006 live-action film starring Ed Norton) last time?

laura k said...

John and Deang, thanks, noted!

James, you did, and I saw it, and loved it. I also saw and liked the Edward Norton film. But the animated one was amazing. By the folks who did Triplets of Belleville! I should see that one again.

James Redekop said...

If you liked The Illusionist but aren't familiar with Jacques Tati, I recommend looking for Les Vacances de M. Hulot and Mon Oncle. Very funny and touching films, though quite slow-paced and calm by today's comedy standards.

It doesn't matter if you get the French or English versions (Mr. Hulot's Holiday and My Uncle), since there's barely any speaking in either. In fact, I think the English tourist in Vacances has more lines than the rest of the cast put together, and she's speaking English the whole time.

laura k said...

I have seen them both, but quite a long time ago. I wouldn't mind seeing them again. Maybe the Mississauga Library has them.