omar khadr: what can be said?

Now that Omar Khadr - 26 years old, 11 of those years spent in a concentration camp - is finally in Canada, I find little to say. His mistreatment at the hands of both the US and Canadian governments is horrendous, shameful, and irreversible.

Khadr is still in prison, having had the misfortune of being recruited as a child soldier.

The Harper Government refers to Khadr as a "convicted terrorist," said conviction coming from a show-trial that would have made Joseph Stalin proud. As I wrote recently about another big lie, the saddest part is how many Canadians believe it.

I thank and admire Khadr's legal team, who worked endlessly to make this happen.

Thanks to Stephen Harper, there was only one "Westerner" still languishing at Guantanamo. (What a bizarre distinction in this circumstance.) What about the other 166 remaining prisoners? What about that, Mr. Obama?


Kev said...

It will be interesting to see how our courts react now that Omar is back on Canadian soil. Will they order his release or accept the verdict of a discredited and unjust system

Even should the courts or the National Parole Board decide to release him will Harper or some future government decide to issue a security certificate?

We are only part way through this saga, there are still several chapters yet to be written.

laura k said...

Yes, Kev, you're right. This was only the first step, although a big one.

John F said...

My prediction: Omar Khadr will stay in prison as long as the Conservatives are in power. The Parole Board is nominally independent, but it still reports to Parliament through the Minister of Public Safety, Vic "Are my knuckles dragging again?" Toews.

laura k said...

Omar Khadr will stay in prison as long as the Conservatives are in power.

It's hard to imagine otherwise. But I'm glad to know his lawyers will be trying.