leading canadian advocates say: let kimberly rivera stay. war resisters welcome here.

Author Judy Rebick, Alex Neve of Amnesty International Canada, Bruce Cox of Greenpeace, Maude Barlow of the Council of Canadians, and Brigette DePape of "Stop Harper" fame: a great video. Please watch and share.

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boyd reimer said...

60% of Canadians want US Iraq war resisters to stay.

Yet our govt. refuses, even when they got only 40% of the vote.

There is a better way to run a democracy: 81 countries already have Proportional Representation voting systems.

So many Canadians - involved in this peace issue, and so many other issues - want a voting system that is a lot closer to democracy than what we have now.

If we all unite, we can get there.

Enough is enough!

I realize that it’s a long term struggle, but it’s better than an eternity of living in a false democracy with phony so-called “majority” govts.

Join the growing PR movement in Canada.

Together we can do this!

Learn more at these upcoming events at this link: