another thing you should know about wikileaks, assange, and bradley manning

Further to this post, one more thing we should all know. Not one war crime exposed by WikiLeaks has been investigated. Not one war criminal has been prosecuted. Only Julian Assange and Bradley Manning, who brought the truth to light, have been imprisoned - both before they were even charged with crimes.

Thanks to Bradley Manning Support Organization.


Nova Canadian said...

The abomination of the Obama administration's attack on these so-called whistle-blowers is one of the more disconcerting Americanisms of the past few years (among many, of course). The oft-repeated mantra of voting for Obama as the lesser evil this election season is sickening. It shatters the widespread belief, often spouted by dems and liberals, that Obama really wants to help all "the common people" but is prevented by the rightwing. Obama, a trojan horse, is another in the long history of corporate tools and stooges.

laura k said...

I couldn't agree more.

I have several liberal USians on my Facebook feed. I have no interest in arguing with them about how they vote, so I just ignore it. But their Obama and Dem flogging disgusts me. They act like the wars don't exist - like that happened under Bush and all is well now.