Congratulations to Pooh Bear! and dogsled_stacie. Yukon Yahoos has its first litter of puppies!

Readers of Stacie's blog have been following this saga since that fateful day Woody and Pooh Bear! got busy. (If you're not familiar with Stacie's blog, you'll really want to click on that one!)

A few days ago PB! started to pant and look for a place to give birth. And today there are four healthy pups - two males and two females. There was also a pup that did not survive. It was born first, which must have been incredibly stressful and sad. But now both moms - fur and human - are doing great.

I am really looking forward to watching these guys grow up. Even at this stage, blobs of fur blindly nursing, they are beautiful and amazing to see.

Image by Cathy Lester.

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dogsled_stacie said...

aw, thanks! Labour was crazy stressful but now the 4 little guys and mom are doing great! For a spazzy maniac who seemed like she had very little brain matter - she is coming around and showing everyone how smart she really is! A doting mom to adorable puppies. The funniest is when she tries to head-block me from getting closer to them... in a sneaky kind of way, but I know what she's up to... :)