add your voice to voices against motion 312

More to come, much more, so much more that I haven't been able to post coherently about this because I have so much to say.

So while I struggle with my inarticulate rage, make sure your MP knows exactly how you feel about this and exactly what you will do if she or he votes in favour of the Woodworth motion.

Go here for tools to help you speak out against this freakshow. Go here to submit memes, images, and ideas.

And most of all, do not under any circumstances make the mistake of taking for granted the legal right to terminate a pregnancy. Pledge to do all you can to prevent Canada from sliding down that slippery slope.


laura k said...

The short link for this image is:
http://qkme.me/3owmtc !!

Jere said...

This an aside that has nothing to do with the topic: Obviously that pic can be used for anything, but the original meme is "Grandma finds the Internet." Examples of corresponding text include "finds your house on Google Maps; asks you to step outside and wave" and "tracking my cookies? They'll never get my recipe!" and the classic "do e-mails get delivered on Sundays?"

I mean out of context it makes sense in that it's an old woman who rightfully thought she'd seen the end of the abortion debate years ago. So that's cool.

laura k said...

If you click through to the Voices Against M-312 site, you'll see the "Grandma Finds the Internet" is still there. I snipped it out.

Using the internet is all about repurposing. That's how memes are made, no?