worthington: pit bull ban is "ku klux klan law"

I hate to agree with the Sun's Peter Worthington, who once penned a screed against US Iraq War war resisters, as full of lies and errors as it was bluster and false patriotism. But apparently on some issues Worthington is willing to consider facts: breed-specific legislation is a form of bigotry, and it should be repealed.
Critics call the law “canine racism,” and say breed specific legislation (BSL), is vague to the point that it’s uncertain as to what constitutes a “pit bull.”

Legislation identifies Staffordshire bull terriers, American Staffordshire terriers, American pit bull terriers, and “a dog that has the appearance . . . substantially similar to any of those dogs,” warrants being banned, or killed.

Holy Mackinaw!

To put the above in human terms, that’s akin to deciding guilt on the basis of appearance, not behaviour. To be brutally frank, it (Bill 132) is a Ku Klux Klan law.

Right now three MPPs — a Liberal, Conservative and NDP — have a private members bill (16) to rescind the pit bull ban. Conservative Randy Hiller, co-sponsored by the NDP’s Cheri DiNova and Liberal Kim Craitor, want the “racist” aspects of the legislation repealed.

And they are right.

As in people, violent behaviour is an individual characteristic. Gone are the days (one hopes) when people are automatically assumed guilty because of their looks. Politicians apparently haven’t reached that stage with dogs.

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johngoldfine said...

Talk about stereotyping: looks like we may be getting a standard poodle this weekend, and every time I mention it to someone I get a pitying/contemptuous/amused smirk.

Everyone knows poodles aren't serious dogs! Poodles are for sissies! Poodles are born with those silly do's! Poodles are French! (I have retired soldiers in my class who ten years later are still bitter that the French didn't follow us into the Glorious Fight For Freedom in Iraq, and they still use French as a term of contempt.)