things i heard at the library: an occasional series: # 4

"Oh man, you gotta read these books! These books are the best! They're not even really books. There are pictures! And jokes! And they're really, really funny! And they're super easy to read! These are the best! You gotta read these books!"

The books that are "not even really books"? Archie comics. The young man didn't know the word for comic books.


Amy said...

Well, at least he was reading something.

When I was a kid, I loved comic books. My mother used to complain that I was not reading real books (though I was also reading real books as well as comic books). Eventually she realized that anything I read that stimulated my desire to read was a good thing---whether it was comics, teeny bopper magazines, or "real" books.

So maybe this young man is on his way to learning the joys that reading can bring!

laura k said...

Amy, I thought of you right away. I know you loved comics and your mother didn't approve.

I certainly hope this post doesn't imply that I didn't approve of this boy's reading choices. I loved his excitement, I thought it was really funny and cute.

I think reading is valuable in any form, and everyone should read whatever they like. If comics get this boy reading, then comics are great.

Amy said...

Your memory is amazing. I thought I might have talked about comics before, but wasn't sure. I wish my memory was that good!

And I didn't think you were being critical of his choice. After all, we admit to watching Dallas. (did you see they are starting a new version with much of the original cast?)

laura k said...

You've mentioned comics several times in different contexts, here and on JoS. I know all kinds of things about you, Amy. Hee hee.

Re Dallas, a few people have told me about it, but I don't know... I don't think I should go there. Sounds kinda scary! :)

impudent strumpet said...

Any idea how old this kid was that he didn't know what comic books are? I can't remember ever not knowing!

This post brought back memories of discovering that the library had Archie comics! I already read Archies, but I was dependent on the whims of grownups buying them for me as a treat. (To this day I have fond memories of occasionally discovering a comic book in my school lunch.)

Then I found them in the library, and I suddenly I could READ ALL THE ARCHIES! I checked out the maximum number allowed and read this enormous pile of comics, then went back and did it again and again. Soon I was coordinating with my sister so we'd each check out different ones and have twice as many to read. Then we realized a better strategy would be to check out all the digests first so we'd get more stories, and read the single-issues in the library while the grownups did their thing.

That's like the only thing in life we ever cooperated on.

laura k said...

The kid was under 10. I'm bad with ages but I'm guessing the 8-10 range.

I only saw and read comic books in camp - one of the cool things about sleepaway camp for me - but I still knew what they were!

Nice memory, Imp. I like that someone put a comic book in your lunch as a surprise.

John F said...

Archie? I thought of this right away, but I'm a terrible person. :-)

laura k said...

I thought of this right away