new survey: use of online directories

One more question, folks! Do you use directories to find information online?

If you ask, "What's a directory?", it's safe to say you don't use one.

Thank you very much! I really appreciate it. I will share the results of both surveys when I'm done with my research.


Nitangae said...

I answered both surveys

By the way, I am going to your hometown (New York) for an interview. I will stay an extra day on both ends to deal with jetlag (I am flying from Korea). Is there one restaurant which I absolutely should not miss?

laura k said...

Hi Nitangae, thanks for answering the surveys.

NYC is chock full of great restaurants. There's such a huge range, and of course so many have opened since I lived there, that the one "must go" would be impossible to pick.

So instead, I'll suggest my and Allan's favourite restaurant: Union Square Cafe. It is the flagship restaurant of Danny Meyer's group. Simple, classic American regional cooking of the very highest quality, perfect service, all wrapped in a friendly, neighbourhood-tavern feel, very unpretentious.

For an insider NYC treat, have lunch at the bar. The world's most amazing burger or the famous tuna burger. OMG that tuna burger. It's closer to sashimi than burger.

Or if you can, make a reservation for dinner and soak up the atmosphere and amazing food.

It would also be a place you could be 100% comfortable dining alone. Almost any place in NYC is, but USC is known to be a favourite for people treating themselves to a quiet lunch or dinner.

Whether or not you take this recommendation, please let me know what you do! I love to hear about people's NYC experiences.

Best of luck on the interview!

Nitangae said...

Thank you very much! I will absolutely give the Union Square Cafe a visit. Union Square is the old demonstration ground, I think?

laura k said...

It was once and is again. :) It's a beautiful small park, has a weekly (or maybe twice-weekly) green market and a dog run. After 9/11 it became the gathering place for anti-war protests.