it's not robocalls we're worried about: it's election fraud

I know I'm not the only Canadian who is frustrated by the media's constant use of the phrase "robocall scandal," as if we're all fired up over a few unwanted phone calls. (Dr. Dawg has an excellent post about this fuzzy thinking.) Come on, people, we're talking about election fraud. Vote suppression. A deliberate attempt to mislead citizens in order to prevent them from voting.

We're talking about a polarizing government that won majority status by squeezing past the post in some very tight races - in which there are now serious questions about the legitimacy of the vote! Robocalls are not the problem!

And I know I'm not the only one who seriously doubts we've seen the worst of this yet, the rotten core of this corrupt, hypocritical, arrogant, anti-democratic Harper Government.

Here's one lie exposed. If you're disturbed by the connection between the Cons up north and the Reps to our south, don't miss this essential post by Alison at Creekside: RoboCon : Republican edition.


allan said...

And Robocalls is a misnomer, anyway, since in many cases, live people were making calls. And many have come forward, admitting that they read scripts prepared by the Conservatives instructing voters to go to non-existent polling places.

Saskboy said...

How to rename RoboCon then? Scam Calls Scandal?

laura k said...

Why does everything need a cutesy name? Isn't "possible election fraud" or "vote suppression" enough?

Saskboy said...

I was considering that. Headlines are shortened. It's like naming an event for memorability.

laura k said...

Headlines are shortened. It's like naming an event for memorability.

It's also a way to turn very serious events into entertainment. That's why death and destruction gets called Operation Desert Storm and the like.

I prefer to use real writing and leave the cutesy headlines to the MSM.