blogger, please let us turn off word verification!

I've just found out that word verification for comments has been on, even though I've turned it off. I already use comment moderation, so there's no need for verification, too.

I've turned off verification repeatedly, but it keeps defaulting back to "on". If you're also having this problem with a Blogger blog, please use the "send feedback" feature on your dashboard to report it. Thanks.


johngoldfine said...

Word verification is the default now, so it's a pain in the ass to deal with. Here's what a student wrote me in January:

I just spent about an hour trying to figure out how to kill word verification. If anyone else has this problem, here's a good website with step-by-step directions, including pictures of each page.

The key is to go to the little gear icon on the top right of the page, which is the options icon. But you seem to have to get to the right gear-shaped icon, which I found on the
http://www.blogger.com/home page.

impudent strumpet said...

I just posted a comment and it didn't ask me for work verification. Neither did this one.

dogsled_stacie said...

Blogger is giving you a hard time lately! The word verification drives me nuts, especially when you can't even read the stupid words.

Hey - no verification needed, wahhoooo!!!!

laura k said...

@johngoldfine, I know verification is the default with the new interface. But I turned it off - and it turned back on. I've turned it off several times, and the "off" doesn't stick.

I had no problem finding the option!

@Stacie, yes, it's true, Blogger is picking on me! Waaahhhh!!! :)

laura k said...

I just posted a comment and it didn't ask me for work verification. Neither did this one.

Yay! So it says word verification is on, but it's not?! That's weird, but good! Thanks for letting me know.

Jere said...

Yeah I don't think I've seen word verification on your blog anytime in recent memory.

laura k said...

So in other words this post is totally useless?

Thanks, everyone. :)

(Not sarcastic, btw.)

(Is there a symbol or a TLA for that?)

johngoldfine said...

I wouldn't dream of even reading a blog that had word verification!


Nah, wmtc has shown none of those infuriating captchas.... So, yep, totally useless post, but that's the kind of problem you like to have--the one that evaporates at first glance.

allan said...

I went into my settings and word verification was on. I turned it off and saved that new setting.

Then I refreshed the page and it reverted back to being on!

laura k said...

Yup, me too. Turns back on immediately. But if readers aren't being harrassed with those stupid barely-visible words, then we're good.

Jere said...

I still haven't switched to the "new" Blogger, which is far from new at this point. Maybe it's because of that, but in my settings, it's still just sitting in the "no" position and everything's fine. But even in you and Allan's case, it seems to be on but not really on.

laura k said...

Thanks, Jere.

Soon we will say It Is On. :)