This seems like a good time to mention: Tala is now on Twitter. She saw Pooh Bear was doing it and she wanted in.

Because Tala's mommy needs new ways to waste time.


dogsled_stacie said...

So does PB's! haha! Love it. Dogs on Twitter... never thought I'd sink so low. Or, rather, never thought Pooh Bear would sink so low! All her fault.

Got you back on my blogroll, not sure what happened there. Came across that old comment today as some spam came in, oops. Haven't touched those links in YEARS! LOL

laura k said...

I swore I wouldn't get a Twitter account. But Tala never didn't take that oath!

Hey Stacie, you don't have to have me on your blogroll. You have a lot of fans, they can't all fit on one sidebar! (Srsly, no pressure from me!!)