shit native new yorkers say

Ah, here's the real New York. This one's much closer to the mark.

To be honest, these are not limited to native New Yorkers (except "I grew up in..."), but to anyone who lived in the City during the 1970s or 1980s. I would replace yoga studios with nail salons, but "that used to be..." is a staple of that town. "I remember when this place was a...." earns you a merit badge towards your Real New Yorker ID.

And muggings and dead people on the subway, but no masturbators? What's up with that?

Many thanks to johngoldfine!


allan said...

No one complaining about a Starbucks on every block? What the fuck? ... It still sounds like people trying out for a New York sitcom. But this one is on fuckin' cable at least.

Maybe the third team will get it right. Just go out for a month, listen, and write shit down. And you'll get mint stuff like a beefy guy yelling into his cell phone: I'm in BROOKLYN, eatin' FUCKIN' PIZZA!

laura k said...

It still sounds like people trying out for a New York sitcom. But this one is on fuckin' cable at least.

That's a good way to put it. It's closer, for sure.

I like the nostalgia for graffiti, and tokens, and hookers in short rabbit-fur jackets.

Anthony DeVito said...

This is Anthony, one of the guys in the video. We had so much material that if we included it all, it would have been 2 hours long. It was hard to decide what to cut.

And I'd love to be on a New York sitcom. Do you guys know any Hollywood big shots?

laura k said...

Hi Anthony, thanks for stopping by! I love the video, thinks it's great. My partner is just being over-critical. It's what he does.

I can imagine that editing was the hardest part!

I used to know some Hollywood bigwigs... but not since I left New York! :)

Jenny Rubin said...

I was in the video too and I'm with Anthony. In order to include everything we would have had to make a video the length of Gone With The Wind.

Also--sure. Ya got a sitcom? I'm there.

and just so ya know---we are natives!

laura k said...

we are natives!

I never doubted that for a moment. :)

I grew up in the NYC suburbs, lived in the city from 1983 to 2005. My partner lived there from 1987 to 2005. We will always be New Yorkers at heart.