the joy of books, long may they dance

Found on G+, thanks to S.


allan said...

amazing work.
and it is a toronto store!

Northern Girl said...

Loved it! Thanks for posting Laura.

I've always said that a reader cannot compare to a real book. With a reader I cannot get a sense of where I am in the "book". I love to hold a book, turn the pages, and just the feel of reading a book. Every book has its own style and personality.

Anyway, this bookaholic will definitely check out this bookstore next time I'm in Toronto.

laura k said...

NG, you might like to see M@'s list and my comments on this thread.

I think there are pros and cons re e-books or paper books. More options = more books and more reading. They can flourish side-by-side. I hope!

Cid said...

This wonderful piece of whimsy and creativity sums up all that is wonderful about independent bookstores. My image of what goes on at night in one of the chains is forced marches and hard labour a la Stalin and Mao.

juna said...

This is wonderful--I especially like the book turning the pages of another book! The entire piece also called to mind Art Clokey's Gumby, who could slip into a book and become part of the adventure.

Northern Girl said...

I agree with M@’s comments.

I borrowed Eric’s Kindle recently, so I’m kinda new to the e-book thing. Like you, I like to go back and re-read a passage, which I can’t do with a Kindle.

One thing I would like to see is children carrying fewer textbooks in their backpacks because they have a reader and can just download the textbook at home. Oh, I see you mentioned portability. That would be such a benefit.

So, there are benefits as well to e-books. Like you, I would like to see them co-exist.

"More options = more books and more reading" – yah, I can live with that!

laura k said...

The entire piece also called to mind Art Clokey's Gumby, who could slip into a book and become part of the adventure.

I love Gumby!

laura k said...

Am I in a tiny minority of book lovers who likes chain bookstores? I love indie bookstores, too, but big chain bookstores are fine with me. Selection, price, no dust and mold to make me cough and sneeze - I have no problem with any of that. Chain bookstores bring more books to more people.

I understand how hard it is for indie bookstores to survive, but that's the way of all businesses now.

And if they're used-book stores, authors see no royalties from any of those sales.