from out of nowhere, beautiful music transforms my night

Tonight on my way home from work, I had no music with me, and was forced to listen to the radio. To think I was once a radio addict; now I find it an annoying wasteland. In my button-pushing frustration, I stumbled on this. I was utterly mesmerized. It wasn't entirely safe - I was driving! I found this music transporting. Transcendent.

Fortunately, the host of the CBC Radio 1 show came back to tell me what it was, and I repeated "Glass House, Glass House, Glass House" all the way home in the hopes I might remember what to Google.

I give you: Christina Petrowska Quilico performing Ann Southam's Glass Houses Revisited #5. Thank you, internet!


laura k said...

Composer Ann Southam leaves $14 million to foundation that helps women who are victims of poverty and violence (October 2011)

impudent strumpet said...

WOW! I pressed play and switched to other windows while it played, just letting the music float around, and I was surprised when it ended and I heard applause, because I'd completely forgotten that that was an actual person with an actual piano in real life. It was just kind of in my head massaging my brainwaves.