barney frank's radical homosexual agenda and other greatest hits

We can say two things about Congress in the wake of the news that Rep. Barney Frank is retiring after this term: It’s about to get a little dumber, and a lot duller. So here, in appreciation for his years of service and entertainment, are some of Frank’s best YouTube-accessible moments
Thanks to Ezra Klein, via James. They're short and sweet. Enjoy.

(But excuse me, Mr. Frank, you made a boo-boo in that last vid. The US invaded Iraq with your party's enthusiastic blessing, and then continued to occupy that country after your party promised otherwise in 2006. Other than that, thanks for the memories.)

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johngoldfine said...

Barney Frank gives hope to anyone ever tormented in junior high--it IS after all possible to be unprepossessing, myopic, tubby, squeaky-voiced, gay AND have all those handicaps trumped by wit, intelligence, and aggressiveness.