message from ofl president sid ryan: occupy toronto tonight!

This is a message from Sid Ryan, President of the Ontario Federation of Labour.
Dear Sisters and Brothers,

We have just learned that the Toronto Police have served eviction notices to Occupy Toronto protesters at St. James Park (Jarvis St. and King St.), ordering them to vacate the park between 12 midnight tonight and 5 a.m. tomorrow and threatening to remove them.

It is important that labour come out in big numbers to support this camp. I encourage you to coordinate an urgent phone around to your activists and members, calling on them to begin rotational support at the occupation site as soon as possible and that every activist available join the camp tonight before 11pm and be prepared to stay as long as possible and even over night.

In London, Police officers waited for labour leaders to leave and the crowd to thin out before they executed the eviction between 12:30 and 1:30 a.m.

It is important that the labour movement link arms in solidarity with the occupiers to defend their right to free assembly and free speech. The Occupy Toronto protesters have shown great courage and dedication and are advocating for a more just society for us all. It is important that labour show its support for these ideals and back them up at this time of urgent need.

In solidarity,
Sid Ryan


Patrick N. said...

Is he referring to London, Ontario by any chance? Because the Occupy London (UK) protesters have not been evicted yet as far as I know. Though forced eviction will apparently be happening soon in London, UK. I'm sure that it is just a coincidence that all of these evictions have been happening at nearly the same time. *wipes up sarcasm*


Patrick N. said...

Sorry, just found that it was London, Ontario that he was referring to.


laura k said...

Yes, when local people here say "London", they mean London, Ontario. It took me years to adjust!

laura k said...

This morning when police served eviction notices on Occupy Toronto, only a few dozen people were in the park. Right now I've heard there are about 200 people there, and more coming all the time.

A judge has just issued a temporary injunction to stop the eviction. A hearing is scheduled for Friday, decision expected on Saturday.

laura k said...

The order also calls for no new tents to go up in St James Park.

Dharma Seeker said...

I've found the rapidly changing circumstances hard to keep up with through msm and blogging. Some progressives were posting about victory on Wall Street at the same time it came out that the judge was upholding the eviction order.

Occupy Toronto, which has been given a reprieve, has asked people to respect the judge's wishes NOT to increase the number of people at OT.

Social media seems to be the only way to stay on top of things as they unfold and change so quickly.

laura k said...

Blogging is useless for keeping up on these events unless someone is full-time blogging, like the Occupy Wall Street Library blog. But this is one of the few things I think the MSM is good for. They have reporters on the scene and are reporting on the changing events as they happen. I wouldn't look to them for commentary or analysis of course (yikes!) but for just the "what's happening", they seem to be best. People on social media, for the most part, are just posting MSM links anyway.

laura k said...

Of course media is being removed from OWS right now (N17), so in this case, only Twitter or other social media will get the story, as Dharma Seeker said...