library in a phone booth

I meant to include this in my recent library-related post, but I misplaced the link. So now this lovely little library has a post of its own. Please go here to see a beautiful old UK "phone box" recycled into a tiny lending library.

More and better photos of it here.


johngoldfine said...

That is so frippin cute and such a clever idea--I hate to see those phone booths disappear. Very disappointing to be walking, see a BT booth marked on a 1:25000 OS map, plan to call Jean at about noon (6 am in Swanville), only to find on arrival the booth empty or gone altogether.

A library would be particularly nice because, as I walk, I shed books as I finish them, rather than carry them in my pack. Naturally, I'd prefer leaving them in a library than on a pub bar or b & b night-table.

laura k said...

John, that's so cool, I hadn't thought of that - the phone booth library as a "little free library" or Book Crossing. See my earlier post (linked here) for the little birdhouse-like libraries.

Speaking of hating to see things disappear... no, I'll save that for its own post. :)