human rights activists back in canada, speaking out

Press conference with David Heap and Ehab Lotayef, on their abduction, kidnapping and detention by Israeli forces: here.

And a message from the Irish boat:


Kim_in_TO said...

Evan Solomon's not a *terrible* interviewer, but he could improve slightly with duct tape over his mouth.

So frustrating! Despite Evan not listening to their responses, and showing his obvious bias, Ehab and David did a great job of getting the facts out. Kudos to both!

And a big relief that they are home and safe. The worrying is over.

laura k said...

OMG yes, what a HUGE relief.

I didn't see them on Evan Solomon. The link is - or was, anyway - to their press conference. David, Ehab and Dylan Penner were pretty much the only people speaking.

If you have a link to them on Evan Solomon, with or without duct tape, pass it along!

Stephanie said...

Kim's analysis of the P&P interview is pretty bang on.

His is the link to the Power & Politics