a short film about ows human rights: "i am not moving"

Solidarity with Oakland: The Oscar Grant Plaza Gazette brought to you by the People's Library at Occupy Wall Street.

The whole world is watching.

Scott Olson, 24-year-old Iraq War veteran, is in critical condition after his head was bashed in by Oakland police.

While the Oakland Police Department attacked peaceful protesters with tear gas, flash grenades and tanks, the City of Los Angeles became the first city to pass a resolution in support of the Occupy movement.

We will not be moved.


Stephanie said...

Oh the beautiful Irony...

Thanks for this post.

James Redekop said...

The Oakland PD is doing a great job of making fools of themselves. They originally denied using rubber bullets or concussion grenades -- though rubber bullets and concussion grenade casings have been found at the site. They insisted that all the explosions were protesters throwing M-80 fireworks -- though video footage shows police throwing things that explode.

Police rules explicitly prohibit aiming rubber bullets or beanbag rounds (which they do admit to using) at people's faces, but at least two people -- including Scott Olson -- have been hospitalized with forehead wounds.

James Redekop said...

Two-thirds of millionaires agree with OWS and support higher taxes on millionaires.