greetings from occupy toronto

I'm writing this from the IS encampment at Occupy Toronto, in St. James Park. It's chilly and wet out today, but people here are warm and energized. There are at least 75 tents set up, and I've heard that number is growing every day. There are tents for food, logistics, media, medical, and a few other necessities, and of course, portable toilets donated by one of the unions.

My hands are too cold to type, I must put my gloves back on, so... more later.

* * * *

Now that it's later... I have two deadlines to meet and can't blog. In Toronto, the next big Occupy action is this Saturday, October 22. Details and a daily schedule of Occupy Toronto events are found here.


James Redekop said...

Sorry I missed you in the park yesterday. I saw this post just before leaving for the GO train, so I figured I'd swing buy.

laura k said...

It would have been fun to see you! I was driving up to school when you texted.