greetings from new york city

We're here early this year, visiting friends and family now instead of over US Thanksgiving. Occupy Wall Street is definitely on the agenda. Probably not much blogging though.


johngoldfine said...

Easy crossing, no cuffs, two-way mirrors, inane and impertinent interrogations, mirrors under the car, insults to your patriotism, tossed luggage, hours of mysterious tedium, etc.?

laura k said...

Thank you for asking, John. :)

A totally uneventful border experience. We flew this time, which in general is less hassle than driving. (Seems backwards to me.)

So now we have had four crossings without detention:
1 - Thanksgiving 2010 by car, Lewiston, zero hassle
2 - April 2011, me alone, Pearson Airport, also nothing
3 - May 2011 by car, Windsor/Detroit, hassles over Canadian passport, lectured and allowed through
4 - Two days ago, Pearson Airport, again nothing (barely looked at us)

I think the scrutiny is probably over. But it may be a long time before I believe it.

Amy said...

Hope you are having fun. We just got power restored so I have been out of the loop. Have a great visit!

laura k said...

Amy, so glad your power is finally back! Must have been quite the adventure.

Amy said...

Adventure is one way to describe it. We still do not have cable so no internet, TV or phone at home. (I am at work now.) Just glad this didn't happen during baseball season, though at least it would have been warmer!


laura k said...

Just glad this didn't happen during baseball season

OMG how true!!



Thank you!