suggestions for movie season now being accepted, she says sadly

We now have an answer to the burning question: can a baseball team that wins seven games in September play in the postseason?

The Red Sox walked the razor's edge all week. Last night, a night of incredible baseball tension, we clung to hope, following two games at once. The Sox held a slim lead. The Yankees - we had to root for them this week, a grim reality - had a commanding 7-run lead over Tampa.

In five minutes, it was all over.

The answer is no.

[Huge sad face emoticon here.]

* * * *

So. Movies. Got any?

A bunch we never got to last season are still on the list, as always, including Made in Dagenham, The King's Speech and Barney's Version. For series, we're starting Sherlock and BBC's Planet Earth. People keep telling me to see The Bridesmaids, so perhaps my instincts are wrong and I'll put it on the list. If you've seen anything good in the last six months, fire away.


James Redekop said...

Lori & I really enjoyed Sherlock, though some purists don't like it.

We also enjoyed The Adjustment Bureau as one of the more fun Philip K. Dick adaptations, though the ending is weak. It suffered when it came out by comparisons to Inception, though they're really quite different things.

One that I'm still looking forward to seeing, but haven't had a chance yet, is the animated film The Illusionist, based on a script by the the great French film comedian, Jaques Tati (Les Vacances de M. Hulot, Mon Oncle). It's been highly recommended to me, but I have been warned that it's quite melancholy.

M@ said...

I "watched" the last few innings of both games on MLB.com. Holy crap that sucked. I didn't dare check out the game thread! Sorry to see the Sox bow out like that.

SuMei saw the movie Timer and liked it. She also saw Bridesmaids and said it was predictable but enjoyable.

A TV show to look for: Justified. I didn't become a regular viewer until the second season, and it was easily the best thing on TV in the past year. I expect the second season will be released on DVD first and the first season is already out. It's about a US Marshal who is sent back to his home county in the wilds of Kentucky, and it's based on an Elmore Leonard story.

johngoldfine said...

I've been enjoying tv soaps: Doc Martin, Friday Night Lights, The Big C, Slings & Arrows.

Sabab A Love Story won't hurt. Or its companion piece Arranged.

Have you watched the 7-Up series?

The Apostle, Tender Mercies if you're up for Robert Duvall.

I Am David, a good tearjerker and plenty of excitement. The Prophet, if you like prison movies.

laura k said...

Thanks, all!

Adding to our list:
The Illusionist

@JohnGF, we've seen almost all your recs (with the exception of the some of the TV) which is a good sign. Zip doesn't have Sabab, but did have Arranged.

Since you're a Duvall fan, I trust you've seen Get Low. We loved it - I especially did, as I am a sucker for redemption stories.

I wrote/raved Slings & Arrows here, and we're all caught up on our 7-Up. Slings & Arrows is insanely good.

I've heard Friday Night Lights is great, but for some reason haven't been able to get into it.

This reminds me, we have never The Wire, another TV series smart viewers love, so we're putting that on the list, too.

laura k said...

Btw, there's another movie called The Illusionist from a few years back, with Edward Norton and Paul Giamatti, a great acting duo. I recommend it.

I notice the newer The Illusionist is directed by Sylvain Chomet, who did Triplets of Belleville, which we totally loved.

James Redekop said...

I meant to mention that The Illusionist was by Chomet, but forgot.

I have only seen the trailers for it, but from those it looks like it captured Tati perfectly (an animated Tati plays the title character).

If you don't know Tati, I recommend Les Vacances to M. Hulot as an intro, but I always warn people who don't know it that it's a very slow, even languorous film, made up of vignettes and gags rather than a plot. But it's one of my favourites.

The Illusionist is relatively short (78 minutes, IIRC), so I expect the pacing is a little brisker.

allan said...

A friend at work recommended Meek's Cutoff, so I added it.

We will be on the lookout for Midnight In Paris and for some reason Zip does not have Cave Of Forgotten Dreams.

I was searching for some early Best of 2011 and one site mentioned Super 8 (solid Spielberg, apparently) and Bridesmaids (actually funny?).

Does anyone have comments on any of these?

The Trip
General Orders No. 9
Match Factory Girl
Tree of Life

James Redekop said...

My father and brother both recommend Tree of Life highly, though my father says a lot of it will go over the heads of people who don't know the Book of Job, especially Yahweh's big speech in chapters 38-40. (My brother, who doesn't know Job that well, thought a lot of scenes seemed irrelevant, but my father points out that those are the Job references.)

laura k said...

Super 8 should have been on the list already, if not, must add immediately. Def'y want to see that.

I need a way to go back through movie ads and reviews for the past six months. I haven't found a good way to do that yet.

laura k said...

Bridesmaids (actually funny?)

Did you even read this post? :)

johngoldfine said...

I saw 'Tree of Life' last week on the big screen. I hated it passionately as I watched it and almost walked out during the creation of the universe sequence, but it slowly is growing on me in retrospect--or at least the acting of the principal character, the young boy, continues to impress.

But, really, the Book of Job is exactly the problem: the movie is a mouse laboring to bring forth a mountain. And not succeeding in my opinion. Took itself way too seriously.

Towards the end, I kept muttering 'schmucks with underwoods, schmucks with underwoods,' i.e., the old Hollywood contemptuous description of a writer, and I kept muttering it because I've rarely seen a movie more in need of someone to say, 'Let's stop being so artsy for a second and just tell the damn story.'

johngoldfine said...

I did see 'Get Low,' thanks, a little too sweet for my tastes, but Robert Duvall can't really do any wrong.

My favorite scene in 'Crazy Heart' was the one where they show the manager's back and he turns around, and it's Robert Duvall, playing the part for Jeff Bridges that Wilford Brimley played for him in 'Tender Mercies.'

That wink from the movie makers made me laugh out loud.

laura k said...

Zip used to list movies currently in theatres but not yet out on DVD. You could put them on your list, grayed out, and whenever the DVD was released, they would go live.

I think they've changed that. I would expect to put Moneyball or Super 8, for example, on our list but grayed out. But they're not on Zip at all.

If this is a change, it's a bad one.

laura k said...

My favorite scene in 'Crazy Heart' was the one where they show the manager's back and he turns around, and it's Robert Duvall, playing the part for Jeff Bridges that Wilford Brimley played for him in 'Tender Mercies.'

Quite brilliant. You had already tipped me off to it, so I wasn't surprised. (Which is fine, btw, I don't care about spoilers at all. I'm one who reads the end of the book first.)

laura k said...

Has anybody seen Bloodworth? Sounds like it might be good, or might be a complete re-tread.

Zip link

laura k said...

I just realized that you've been talking about Terrece Malik's new film. I suspect I would find it boring and pretentious, as I did his last one. But we might see it out of curiosity - that's the beauty of the flat fee monthly price.

deang said...

David Walsh's film reviews on the World Socialist Website have introduced me to many good films.

Dharma Seeker said...

Sweet Xenu! I remembered this post and came here to recommend Barney's Version - I'm watching the credits roll as I type and it's one of the best films I've seen in a long time. But it's already on your list! LOL :) I absolutely love Black Swan, not sure if you've any interest in that but I enjoy dark, mindf*ck films so it was a no brainer for me. Once I get my DVR hooked up again it's easy for me to record movies I've pvr'd so if there's anything that piques your interest that's on the movie network let me know.

laura k said...

deang, thanks, great idea!

Dharma, I do love psychological thrillers, if that's what you mean (not sure!). And Winona Ryder is in it, so Allan will like it. :) To me Black Swan sounded iffy, but it's worth a try. Glad you liked Barney's Version so much!