help protect tpl from ford's privatization rampage

Mayor Rob Ford is out to privatize the living daylights out of Toronto. Privatization is a great deal for the corporations that pick up lucrative contracts, and a very bad deal for everyone else. As privatization grows, quality of life erodes.

Next on Ford's agenda: the Toronto Public Library. With 99 branches and an estimated 17.5 million visitors each year, TPL is the largest library system in North America. In order to be a true public library, a system must have branches in every neighbourhood, a full range of information services that serve the needs of its communities, and be free of user fees. It must be staffed by professionals who know and care about libraries, and it must be focused on access to knowledge and information, not profit.

Tell Rob Ford and the Toronto City Council that you want to keep the public in the Toronto Public Library: go here to send a letter, and please share widely.


James Redekop said...

No-one has yet explained to me how a private company that need to maintain a profit margin saves money over doing the work internally (other than by doing inferior work).

laura k said...

Indeed. There's a reason no one has ever explained that to you.

It's pathetic - and infuriating - how the public gets sold on the idea that privatization will save them money. It cuts labour costs, sure. Then the money saved goes in the pockets of owners and shareholders. Not back back to the taxpayer.

But if Ford can say he cut labour costs, many people will believe the cost to the city has gone down.

Meanwhile, it will cost everyone more to use services they now get in return for their taxes.