the half-century mark

I was born on June 13, 1961. I've been alive on this planet for 50 years today. And I'm pretty fucking happy about it.

In my belief system, we only get one shot. When we die, our bodies go the way of all organic matter, and that's all there is. Pretensions of eternity are an illusion created by humans' incredible imaginations, a beautiful fiction to ease the terror of the void, the grand compensation for the curse of having the ability to contemplate our own mortality. No plan, no forever, only the here and now.

Some people find this worldview depressing. I find it clarifying. Live now. Be yourself. Be present, try always to be alive to the moment.

Returning from that philosophical detour... Wmtc6 was terrific. We had a smaller crowd than last year, about 30 people, with several "new" (to the party) faces, both human and canine. Food was great, rain held off, we raised more than $100 for BAD RAP, and raised more awareness about the dangers and futility of anti-pitbull laws. Every year, I feel so fortunate to be able to share an evening in our backyard with good friends.

Last night, we had an amazing omakase sushi dinner. We first went to Sushi Kaji - reputed to be the best sushi in the GTA - for our anniversary in January, and absolutely loved it. They're closed Mondays, so we went last night and this meal was even better.

Today the weather is glorious and I'm spending the day outside with my dogs and a book. Life is good.


Ferdzy said...

Happy birthday! Sorry we weren't able to make it.

I'll be 50 myself later in August. I hope to mark the occasion (well actually a week or two later) by a balloon ascention (sp?)

Amy said...

Happy birthday! I share your world view, so yes, live each day as best we can and try not to sweat the small stuff. For me, this has been a very sweet decade. I hope it is for you as well.

Northern Girl said...

Happy birthday Laura and, as my mother used to day, many happy returns of the day.

We had such fun at wmtc6, and enjoyed meeting you and Allan. Tala and Diego are such lovely dogs, and Diego really stole my heart - he is such a happy friendly boy.

It looks like a beautiful day, so enjoy your book and have a fun day.

M@ said...

Happy birthday! It was great to see you and everyone on Saturday.

Hope you enjoy this absolutely gorgeous day!

laura k said...

Thanks, everyone!

@Ferdzy, that sounds great. For many years I've been saying that during my 50th year, I'm going skydiving. We shall see!

@Amy, thank you so much. I have great expectations.

@NG, I was really happy to finally meet you and your beautiful family. Thanks for the good wishes.

@M@, I was really glad you made it this year, I hope you had a good time. See you soon. And YES I will be outside all day!

Stephanie said...

Negrita hasn't stopped talking about her adventure on Saturday and the two big dogs she met even if she was a little intimidated at first she thoroughly enjoyed meeting all the other dogs and re-learning to play well with others! We had such a good time thanks for the hospitality.

Can't wait to get the three of them together again.

Happy Birthday and enjoy the ice coffee that I KNOW you are having on the patio today! :D

laura k said...

Thanks, Stephanie! I'm crazy about Negrita and can't wait to see her (and you and David) later in the summer.

PaulM said...

There is no heaven or afterlife for broken down computers; that is a fairy story for people afraid of the dark. – Stephen Hawking

impudent strumpet said...

Happy birthday, and happy new decade!

laura k said...

Thank you very much, Imp Strump.

tornwordo said...

Happy milestone! I'm not too far behind you. I think of death as the big sleep. Oh how relaxing it will be. I see nothing wrong with resting in peace.

If you ever get a chance, you should try the omakase at Nobu. There aren't any in Canada, but they are scattered around the world.

deang said...

Happy birthday!

laura k said...

Thanks, Deang! :)

Tornwordo, I like that attitude. I've heard of Nobu, will keep it on the list for future travels. Thanks for the birthday thoughts.

New Nova Scotian said...

Happy Birthday... from the rocky shores of Nova Scotia

laura k said...

Thank you... from the quiet lawns of Mississauga. :)