gardenette update

My little garden-ette is going gangbusters.


cody dirt 005

The rose bush is to Cody's right.





Here you can see how pathetic the rose bush had become.

And now:





teddymac said...

They are beautiful.

allan said...

The sunlight makes some of the green leaves look white, esp. in the second to last photo.

We were remarking that the tomato plants seem to be growing more horizontal than vertical.

impudent strumpet said...

My parents always put their tomato plants in cages, although I never gave much thought as to why. Maybe they need some kind of support to go vertical?

allan said...

We have cages, but are not sure when to use them.

johngoldfine said...

Almost any tomato needs support, but there are two basic types of tomato: determinate and indeterminate, and the type indicates just how much support you want.

Determinate are 'bush' tomatoes and the branches tend to stop growing after a while. They need less support. Indeterminate are 'vine' tomatoes and those babies keep going and going and going until the first frosty night. For them, you need to be serious and invest in these:


But, if I remember, you bought your tomatoes at a hardware or garden store--and those are almost sure to be determinate.

Judging by the photos, it's probably too late to worry about using a standard three or four ring galvanized support. They go in with the seedlings.

The plants will probably be okay flopped on the ground, but not as productive maybe or, if the weather is wet, you might lose some fruit.

On the other hand, if that brick wall behind the plants is facing south, you have a wonderful chance to train those tomatoes against the wall (though I know you want the garden to be pretty much trouble free.) I'd lean a step ladder against the wall and prune a little and see if I could persuade even a bush-type to climb a little. That added sunlight might improve production.

If Earl Weaver could do it in Baltimore, you can do it Mississauga.

Ferdzy said...

Tomato cages: you put them on while you can still GET them on. (i.e. now.) Rose looks very nice!

laura k said...

Thanks for the feedback, everyone. We bought them at a nursery / garden ctr - they had both kinds of tomatoes (5 varieties, IIRC) but because it was just after Mother's Day they were sold out of many kinds. We got whatever they had - it doesn't really matter to me. As I've mentioned - and with all due respect to Earl Weaver - this is a very low time and effort investment for me.

laura k said...

So it sounds like we'd better get some cages around these babies while we still can.

Also, I meant to say earlier, they are bush tomatoes. Allan was a bit put out about that.

Amy said...

Looks great, Laura!