bombing libya: 294 in favour, 1 against

Thank you, Elizabeth May.

No thanks to you, Jack Layton.


Kev said...

Short succinct and bang on.

allan said...

As of late May, Canadian warplanes had dropped 240 laser-guided bombs ... and Brig.-Gen. Richard Blanchette says he has ordered 1,300 more. Each bomb weighs 500 pounds and costs $100,000.

So many reasons to oppose this obscenity - and Mr. Opposition gladly stands alongside Harper and gives a thumbs up to murdering innocent people and wasting a colossal amount of taxpayers' money ($154,000,000 for the bombs alone).

laura k said...

Heaven forbid someone should accuse Layton of being "soft on defense" or not "strong enough" to make "realistic" foreign policy.

Sorry about all those quotes. Can't think of another way to write that bullshit.

allan said...

"soft on defense"

Of course, bombing Libya is not an act of defending Canada (i.e., stopping Libya from attacking or invading Canada).

laura k said...

Yes, of course. In fact, I usually write "defense," with quotes, when the meaning is actually military aggression.

But that would have meant writing Layton doesn't want to be accused of being "soft on "defense"". Quote crazy!