adam kokesh dance party part two: happening tomorrow and why you should care

In an interview with some UK media, talk-radio host and veteran war resister Adam Kokesh explains why he organized the dance party at the Jefferson Memorial that ended with his brutal arrest, why he'll be dancing again on Saturday, June 4, and why you should support this demonstration of freedom of expression.

Thanks, Steph!


Jere said...

"It's really just the bad apples that give the other 5% [of cops] a bad name."

95% are bad apples? Sounds about right.

laura k said...

Yeah, I liked that line!

A friend of mine likes to remind people that the expression "one bad apple" is now taken to mean there's only one bad [cop, whatever] in the whole group. But the expression was meant to convey the opposite: one bad apple spoils the barrel - as in, corruption spreads like a contagion. Written record of the saying dates back to Chaucer.

Stephanie said...

Yesterday's follow-up action

laura k said...

Thanks, Steph! Code Pink is circulating it, too. Strange bedfellows, Adam Kokesh and Code Pink... but good to see people who believe in freedom of expression team up, regardless.

laura k said...

...or not. I decided not to post it, for various reasons. So thanks for posting it in comments.