ottawa warned about wikileaks, but canada has nothing to fear

This morning we read that the US State Department is warning its allies about an impending WikiLeaks release that "could damage U.S. relations with allies around the world".

Ottawa is among the "warned," but Canadians can feel secure in the knowledge that their country will not be alienated from the United States, come what may. I'm quite confident that there is nothing the US could possibly say or do that would cause Stephen Harper or Michael Ignatieff to even harshly criticize the US, let alone distance themselves from US policy in any way.

When it comes to the old stereotype of Canada kissing up to the US for approval, this Conservative-Liberal coalition government does not disappoint.


skdadl said...

I can hardly wait. An Australian friend (they've also been put on alert) says the U.S. reminds her this a.m. of someone recovering from a binge and going through entire phonebook to blather apologies to everyone. Yes!

L-girl said...

That's a good one! Yes, it will be interesting to see what transpires. Thank dog for Wikileaks.

Some Person said...

And then there's Canada receiving the contrite drunk dial. "No, it's really not awkward. No, it's okay, you really had to show that 155 cm guy who gave you that menacing look in the bar who's boss. Yes, you know I'll bail you out if anything bad happens. Okay, you've got others to dial, later my BFF!"