mother of canadian soldier in afghanistan calls for an end to the war

This is one of the most powerful - and well informed - calls for peace you will ever see. Please circulate it.

Canada Out Now.


Stephanie said...

Definitely sharing, thanks.


skdadl said...

I tweeted you, Laura, and have already been RTd.

There's a small historical error early in that narrative. Kim Phuc wasn't at My Lai -- that's a conflation of two different incidents. But they were both horrors, no question. And that is a very brave speech.

allan said...

On Friday, the Toronto Star reported on the Conservatives' "secret Afghan casualty list", noting the many "incidents that the military has tried to keep out of the public eye ... life-and-death battles that have rarely been revealed to the public and are almost never acknowledged by defence officials".

Star: "The policy of releasing the number of injured soldiers only once a year — on Dec. 31 — has ... given Canadians back home a mental buffer against the numbing realities of war ..."

And Harper is yet again making noises about continuing the criminal occupation.

laura k said...

Thanks, Skdadl and Steph.

And now we see we are being lied to yet again: Canada will be in Afghanistan until 2014?

The peace movement has been saying this all along. The war is so unpopular, yet...

Gunner said...

...but hey lets all stand behind our troops right? Well usually the wounded aren't standing.

“The lack of transparency here is something that I simply don’t understand,” Kenny said.

He bluntly dismissed the military reasoning as “bulls**t.” He said it’s “not credible” to think that the Taliban don’t have moles inside the coalition base, able to feed out information.

As well I seem to recall someone running on a plantform of transparency and accountability, now who was that? Could it be that Harper and hypocrit mean the same thing? They both start with H after all.