looking for g20 photographer

Does anyone know who took this photo?

I posted it here but I don't know how I obtained it.

If you know you took this photograph, could you please contact me? The photographer can remain anonymous as she or he wishes, but can also give consent for the photo to be used as part of the G20 inquiry.


allan said...

It ran with this CBC news story. The woman in the picture -- Natalie Gray, 20, of Maple Ridge, B.C. -- submitted it. There are two other shots of her rubber bullet wounds.

allan said...

Here is another picture of the attack.

laura k said...

But obviously Natalie Gray didn't take the picture. We don't know who did.

laura k said...

I've passed along that info to the person from the inquiry. They will follow-up with Natalie Gray. Thanks.

allan said...

Some of her story (always good to be reminded of exactly what happened):

"Without warning a line of riot police started moving towards us, and while running away, I was shot twice with rubber bullets, then arrested and incarcerated for 30 hours. I have been charged with obstruction of a peace officer."