in which we cross the border without incident

Was it a fluke? Has the harassment order been rescinded? Was the border guard at Lewiston just having a bad - or good - day? We don't know. We only know that we crossed the border from Canada to the US without being detained. No surrendering of keys, no armed escort into the station, no pointless waiting, no pointless questions.

There was a lot of traffic at the crossing, and after waiting almost an hour to get to the booth, I was dreading another long wait inside. Plus I was quite nervous about having Tala with us during this ordeal.

And then... nothing. The usual questions about reason for visit, length of stay, and such, and we were on our way. Once safely out of range, we whooped and shouted. Then I promptly started texting like mad.

Thanks for all your good wishes. It's been a long day, but a good one. I have some posts percolating and free time on the way, so you might hear from me.


M@ said...

I am shocked, shocked, that such clear security risks as yourselves were let in without questioning, or at least a secure bodily groping.

Seriously, I'm happy that you got through. I hope this means that constitutional rights are now respected in the USA.

Not holding my breath on that last bit, obviously.

Northern Girl said...

I thought about your border crossing yesterday, and I'm so glad you weren't hassled, especially since you had Tala with you.

Is it too much to hope that maybe you can cross the US border without incident in the future?

Happy thanksgiving!

Amy said...


L-girl said...

Thank you!

this means that constitutional rights are now respected in the USA

I think it's likely. Because you know, now that Obama is prez, racism is over. Freedom is on the march. Etc.

Sarah said...

L-girl, what a pleasant surprise to start out your T-giving trip. I'm so glad for you, esp. since you had Tala along.

I will soon have my first experience through Canadian immigration and am hoping it's relatively painless. The bummer is I'm arriving in Vancouver at midnight (not my finest hour) and I'm entering as a student, not a tourist, so there will be more than just a cursory amount of processing.

Re: "racism is over. Freedom is on the march. Etc." snicker...snicker...GUFFAW!

Mike said...

Check for bugs! The electronic kind that is. It could be that they let you through without trouble in order to track what nefarious anti-government plot your up to using Thanksgiving as a cover. Why you might try to sabotage black Friday or something.

Seriously nice to hear that you made it through without the third degree this time. Have a nice holiday.

Zenslinger said...

Good news.

impudent strumpet said...

It must be the Power of Tala!

L-girl said...

Yay Tala! :)

Hi Zen, nice to see you here.

Mike, after we were in the US, I texted my war resister friend, the one around whom all this trouble started. He wrote back "They're totally reading this you know. Hi Mr NSA Guy!"

Scott M. said...

On our side, "lookouts" in our newest system had expiries depending on who put them in. I could, for instance, put in a lookout for 3 months on my own (and could renew it as long as I was there). A port superintendent could put it in for a year. The Chief (actually, the chief's assistant) could put them in for an indefinite period of time.

If something was super serious though, we could put intelligence in a shared intelligence file on an older system that would flag forever.

Of course on the US side, everything would be different.

Some Person said...

But I was looking forward to another harrowing tale of intimidation, oppression, and villainy. You disappoint me, customs.

nick said...

Awww... you're no longer special. That's OK, we still think you're swell.